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What Happens With Tia Booth & Colton Underwood on BIP 5 Tonight?

tia and colton reality steve

Tia Confesses She Still Has Feelings For Colton! - The Bachelorette US

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Much easier. But since I never recapped the premiere last week, a little refresher was that Tia got the first date card of the season because of course she did, and she asked Chris. Even though every cell and hormone in her body was waiting for Colton to come down those steps and make her lady parts tingle even more. Every storyline is contrived to set up the max possible drama. Whether it was the next day, three days later, a week later, etc.

Tia Booth and Colton Underwood have been one of the more dramatic couples to watch on Bachelor in Paradise this season. For those who need to be brought up to speed, Underwood briefly dated Booth before he went on The Bachelorette He admitted to Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin that he had dated her friend, former Bachelor co-star, Booth. In addition, Booth appeared on the show, early in the season, to let Kufrin know that there was nothing between Underwood and herself, giving her the go-ahead to date him. When the hometown dates came around, Kufrin still had Underwood in the mix and he professed his love for Kufrin. But, Booth showed up again and revealed to Kufrin that she regretted telling her it was okay to date Underwood.

One thing that I know I constantly harp on about this show and its contestants is that so many of them love the perks that come with the show i. That manifested itself earlier this week when Colton just decided to go scorched earth on Twitter Monday night during the show. Very bizarre. Very defensive in everything negative thrown his way, and this is where these people seem to miss the difference between criticism and hate. Well I still stand by what my sources told me, then Jean Blanc put Colton on blast yesterday saying he absolutely did call him that. Ok, so one of them is lying. Colton is saying he never said it, and Jean Blanc is saying he did.

Remember a couple weeks ago I had hinted about early season drama? Well, that guy was Colton. All we know is after that date and still to this day I assume unless he was eliminated last night , Colton is still on the show. So with that said, her deal with Colton whatever it was, is fine by me because she was with Colton long before Becca was the Bachelorette. Girls talk. Maybe they kept it from her?

Update: Colton Underwood has been confirmed as the next Bachelor. Reality Steve, a. And friends, fans are not happy with that rumored decision. If you prefer to remain unspoiled about potential Bachelors, now is the time to stop reading. Otherwise, here we go: according to Reality Steve, our next leading man will be— drumroll — Colton Underwood.

(SPOILER): How Does Colton’s Season End?

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How do I know this? At no point have I ever teased something and never given it to you. I post when I post and when it fits my schedule. I repeat: I will address those as well as I can. But to prevent the same questions from being asked over and over and over and over again after you read today, hopefully I can do my best in breaking down past seasons, how I think this will play out, and why I think it will play out that way.

I really enjoy your work and your spoilers, I think mostly because your sarcasm and wit permeating the facts make it much more entertaining, so thank you for all that you do!! So does that mean Colton was?? And Jason did SO much campaigning it actually was offputtung. I guess Colton is just vanilla enough for them to manipulate and has the most stereotypically attractive appeal. Does that make sense? I guess Blake is truly the only one that knows.


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