Ncis past present and future

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NCIS 'Past, Present & Future' Recap

ncis past present and future

Tony finds Ziva "Past, Present, and Future" 11x02

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I must have sat still, staring at my screen for a few minutes. It left me confused for a number of reasons and also, I hate to say, disappointed. I was dreading this episode because it would be the last episode with Cote de Pablo, who plays Ziva David. Especially for those who have been fans of their relationship for the eight years that Ziva was around. Was it beautiful? Was it heartbreaking?

Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. See the list. Title: Past, Present, and Future 01 Oct When Tony arrives in Tel Aviv, Mossad agents take him to their headquarters to draw him into the search for Ziva. Meanwhile the successor SecNav meets with Vance, Gibbs, and Fornell; she tells them that the PotUS has directed her to use "any means necessary" to bring to swift justice the Brotherhood of Doubt for its responsibility for the terrorist attack on her predecessor and others.

"Past, Present, and Future" is the second episode of the eleventh season of the American police procedural drama NCIS, and the th episode overall.
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Instead, Tony turned as he was about to board and waved good-bye to Ziva, who was still standing on the tarmac at a Tel Aviv airport. It would be more than another 10 minutes before we finally got to see her in the flesh. I felt shortchanged. And I felt that long after the final credits had rolled. I was happy, however, that Ziva David did not end up lifeless in a pool of blood the way Caitlin Todd Sasha Alexander had at the end of the season two finale and Jenny Shephard Lauren Holly at the end of the season five finale. Two weeks before the Sept. Images that will end up in the archives.

Past, Present, and Future

How would you describe this week in one word or two, or three, or four? Doug: Hands down, for me it was the scene at the airport., This episode marks the final appearance of Cote de Pablo Ziva David in the opening credits and also as a series regular as de Pablo departed the NCIS series shortly after this episode aired.




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