List the types of suspensions and name their component parts

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Suspension Systems

list the types of suspensions and name their component parts

List various types of suspensions and their component parts. Describe how suspension components function to allow wheel movement up and down 94 REVIEW QUESTIONS List the types of suspensions and name their component parts.

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Click here to find out how to become one. To begin this training program, you need to know some basic information. First, you should know that the tyres and wheels make vehicle motion possible. The chassis connects the tyres and wheels to the vehicle's body. The chassis consists of the frame, suspension system, steering system, tyres and wheels.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. When it comes to brand performance , it boils down to the biggest players on the market and their top ranked suspension systems that will get you the best bang for your buck. There are hundreds of suspension and handling brands out there, but only a dozen that truly stand out from the crowd for being the best in a specific category. Other suspension brands have a less consistent track record in these categories, but they definitely have top quality products dedicated to specific parts of a suspension, such as torsion bar leveling kits , leaf spring kits and more. Ranked by user reviews left on our website, the list looks like this:.

These systems include:. With this big-picture overview in mind, it's time to look at the three fundamental components of any suspension: springs, dampers and anti-sway bars. Based on where springs are located on a car i. The sprung mass is the mass of the vehicle supported on the springs, while the unsprung mass is loosely defined as the mass between the road and the suspension springs. The stiffness of the springs affects how the sprung mass responds while the car is being driven. Loosely sprung cars, such as luxury cars think Lincoln Town Car , can swallow bumps and provide a super-smooth ride; however, such a car is prone to dive and squat during braking and acceleration and tends to experience body sway or roll during cornering. Tightly sprung cars, such as sports cars think Mazda Miata , are less forgiving on bumpy roads, but they minimize body motion well, which means they can be driven aggressively, even around corners.

With the independent front suspension the use of ball joints provides pivot points for each wheel. In operation, the swiveling action of the ball joints allows the wheel and spindle assemblies to be turned left and right and to move up and down with changes in road surfaces. This type of suspension is most widely used on modern vehicles. The control arm, as shown in figure , holds the steering knuckle, bearing support, or axle housing in position, as the wheel moves up and down. The outer end of the control arm has a ball joint and the inner end has bushings. Vehicles, having control arms on the rear suspension, may have bushings on both ends. The control arm bushings act as bearings , which allows the control arm to move up and down on a shaft bolted to the frame or suspension unit.

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In automotive usage, the term "suspension" refers to all of the parts that connect the vehicle to the road. Every car, truck, and utility vehicle has a suspension that is designed to do three things:. Modern suspensions are composed of hundreds of different parts, and vehicles vary tremendously in their suspension designs, but every suspension is composed of certain major subsystems, some of which are more prone to failure than others. The major types of suspension components and systems, and how prone they are to failure, are:. Tires provide traction for acceleration, braking, and cornering, and they absorb small bumps.

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