Thomas and friends donald and douglas

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Donald and Douglas

thomas and friends donald and douglas

Donald & Douglas's S20 Theme FULL COVER

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Thomas & Friends Donald and Douglas going to rescue Thomas out of the snowdrift with the Christmas Tree Donald and Douglas in Thomas' memory.
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Donald and Douglas originally known by their old numbers, and , respectively are twin Scottish mixed-traffic tender engines. Douglas tagged along with Donald to Sodor in order to escape from scrap, despite Donald being the only engine expected. After proving themselves to be really useful, they were both allowed to stay. They now work as utility engines on the NWR ; working wherever they are needed. Donald and Douglas were designed by John F.

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Donald and Douglas are two anthropomorphic twin steam locomotives from The Railway Series books by the Rev. They are twin Scottish engines. The Fat Controller originally only ordered one engine from Scotland, but was surprised when two engines arrived, neither with numbers or any distinguishing features — both engines were painted completely black. He could not tell which engine was which, and so decided to keep whichever one was the more useful. Unfortunately, Douglas accidentally shunted Thomas' Special Coach, full of Passengers, into a siding at Tidmouth, thus infuriating the Passengers. However, the twins proved their worth to the railway in winter, when their experience and expertise with snow made them excellent snowplough engines.

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  1. Donald and Douglas originally known by their numbers, and , respectively are twin Scottish mixed-traffic engines, specifically Caledonian Railway McIntosh classes.

  2. Thomas & Friends. Donald and Douglas work together practically all the time, but they sometimes have a falling out. This was proven when the two crashed into.

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