The fosters callie and brandon

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the fosters callie and brandon

The Fosters - Best Kissing Scenes From Season 2

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Skip ahead one year: Mariana and Emma were bound for MIT as Wyatt cheered on his girl, while Jesus graduated on time and headed to community college. Bye, Wyatt! Hello again, Mat?! The family then went to celebrate at home, where Brandon and his new-to-us girlfriend Eliza announced their engagement… and Stef and Lena got a call about fostering a new child! Was that intentional?

Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. The final series finale — the last of three parts which easily could have been one more concise part, grumble grumble — feels like more of a launching point than an ending. The home, as foreshadowed in the previous episodes, is on the market. All the members of the Adams-Foster family are, for the most part, at ease. I like to think of The Fosters as a comfy, orthopedic shoe. This show was never graceful, nor was it all that clean.

Before we proceed, can we please have one moment of silence in honor of one of the most wonderful and singable! Who knows what Good Trouble has cooking up, but it has some big shoes to fill. Are you still crying over it? A part of me will always be crying. The good news in this very bad-news situation is that just a few months ago we were treated to a stellar season finale episode, and here, once again, the team delivers a finale that strikes just the right mixture of closure, nostalgia, celebration, and hope for the future. It even manages to teach us one last story about the realities of being a foster parent.


The Fosters - Series Finale: Brandon & Callie’s Past - Freeform





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