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Justin Anderson

justin anderson parks and rec

Justin Anderson was a recurring character and a civil litigation lawyer and an old friend of Ann Perkins, who dated Leslie Knope after Dave Sanderson. He and.

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The world is finally paying attention to Justin Theroux, and not only because he's Jennifer Aniston's fiance , but also because he's the star of HBO's new series "The Leftovers. The actor, who has also been getting a lot of attention for his abs and his bulge , has actually been around for a while. Theroux is the kind of actor who pops up in small parts in various TV shows and iconic movies that you might not have recognized at the time. In some roles he looks strikingly different take his evil DJ in "Zoolander" and in others he plays the stereotypical douchey type. Besides his random characters, Theroux also wrote "Iron Man 2" and co-wrote "Tropic Thunder" -- no big deal.

Lauren Gordon. What began as an "Office"-style comedy about a bunch of weirdos in small town Indiana ended up captivating the hearts of millions. The cast of "Parks and Recreation" didn't just provide audiences with a few cheap laughs, they made you want to move to the ridiculous town of Pawnee and become best friends with everyone who lived there. Each character, from the town's angriest residents to Leslie Knope herself, were hysterical, complex, and at least marginally lovable. To honor of the great people of Pawnee, we ranked each of these memorable characters based on their communal impact, their weirdest antics, and of course, their lovability:. Despite being the most gentle-hearted, kind and lovable oaf on the planet, all of Pawnee hated Jerry well, until he served as their mayor for about 1 million terms.

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When Parks and Recreation first premiered, the critics dismissed it as a pale imitation of The Office. Still, she had a few love interests, some great and some terrible. No, not Chris Traeger. Chris was also the name of the MRI technician who went on a date with Leslie and ended up giving her an MRI scan after dinner and charged her for it. As soon as she was conveyed into that MRI machine, she regretted going out with him.

The episode was directed by Troy Miller and written by Katie Dippold. In addition to Arnett's performance, "The Set Up" featured the first of several guest appearances by Justin Theroux , who portrayed a love interest for Leslie, and Ben Schwartz , who played Tom's fast-talking friend Jean-Ralphio. When Leslie Amy Poehler learns Pawnee is being sued by the previous owners of the lot where she is seeking to build a park, Ann Rashida Jones refers her to her lawyer friend Justin Anderson Justin Theroux , who she calls "the greatest guy ever". Justin helps Leslie resolve the issue, and the two seem to get along very well together. Having recently broken up with her boyfriend, Leslie asks Ann to set her up on a date, but is surprised when Ann hesitates to set her up with Justin. The date goes poorly, with Chris appearing annoyed upon learning Leslie attended a rival college, and that she was a director of regular parks, not amusement parks.

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Lauren Gordon. Excuse me, how do you NOT love the one-legged dog that brought joy to literally everyone who ever pet him? Though referenced several times throughout the show, we only got to see him once during a showing of the video containing his last will and testament and of course, it was Bill Murray! And of course, the comedian came through! We were only treated to this burly, majestic woman once during the show's history.



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