Bill cosby and morgan freeman

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bill cosby and morgan freeman

Sep 25, Bill Cosby was a guest on "The Colbert Report" on Wednesday and the legendary comedian easily dominated Stephen Colbert during the.


Thread Title Search. Zip zop bibbity bop boys and girls its time for the main event of the evening! In this corner, a man with a record of 24 accusations of rape with no convictions.. He made us laugh with his television hit show, then laugh again at the adorable antics of children.. This man is a mixed method actor with a record of 2 failed marriages and 2 extramarital children.

One judge for Pennsylvania don sentence comedian Bill Cosby to three to ten years for jail for sexual assault. Cosby, 81, wey dem also categorise as 'sexually violent predator', wey mean say im must do counselling for di rest of im life and im name go dey onto sex offender registry. For retrial wey dey do for April, dem rule say Cosby dey guilty of three counts of sexual assault unto say im drug and molest Andrea Constand for Mr Cosby, tin don come back to you now. Di day don come, di time don come. Lili Bernard and former model Janice Dickinson - wey dem sef accuse Cosby of assault - tweet on Tuesday: "May justice be served! News Pidgin Plenti seshon.

It seems not a week goes by without a celebrity death hoax taking over social media site Twitter. Although the truth is they are all alive and well, it was still unnerving for fans to see "RIP" trending with the name of their favorite star on Twitter -- obstensibly because they were deceased. Check out the latest celebrity death hoaxes of so far. Click "Start" to view the slideshow. Fans thought Morgan Freeman might be dead after a Facebook page titled "R. Morgan Freeman" surfaced. Freeman's reps officially confirmed to E!

Several women who claim to be victims of sexual harassment from Morgan Freeman have begun the process of hiring lawyers, including a former employee who worked closely with him for years. According to our sources, the women who have come forward so far are just the "tip of the iceberg. One of the women, we are told, has already spoken to a lawyer who has dealt with several MeToo cases: none other than Gloria Allred , who has represented alleged victims of Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby.
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No one tells a story like Bill Cosby , whether it makes sense or not. Put him across the table from Stephen Colbert , and out comes a treasure trove of nonsensical nuggets of humor, wisdom and awesome anecdotes. Which brought Colbert to the logical question: "Why isn't Morgan Freeman playing you in a movie? You see? Harry Belafonte , everybody wants to know how they're all doing.

The year-old television personality joked about the actor during his appearance on The Colbert Report. Host Stephen Colbert asked why Freeman hasn't portrayed Cosby in a movie, and the comedy legend said it is out of "respect. I think that Morgan is going to be alright. He may have to play some people that nobody knows. The book was published September 16, and features interviews with Cosby, his friends and associates. By Annie Martin. Bill Cosby says Morgan Freeman is waiting for him to die.


Bill Cosby says Morgan Freeman is waiting for him to die







Is Morgan Freeman becoming the new Bill Cosby?

May 25, In the wake of once powerful now disgraced men like Harvey Weinstein, Steve Wynn, R Kelly and Bill Cosby, Morgan Freeman has to be put.
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