Harry potter and the sexy hallows

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Harry Potter and the Sexy Hallows

harry potter and the sexy hallows

Nov 20, Re-Upload under new title. Sequel to Harry's Sex Year. Fans have been wanting me to upload and some wondered where it went. Hope no.

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A month passed and they were still unable to destroy the locket. As they traveled, they avoided populated areas as much as possible, even walking though fields, abandoned lots, and even dumps. Ron kept his distance from them a lot, knowing that every night they fucked and fucked. With every fuck, he grew angrier and angrier. This time, it was Ron's turn to wear the Locket.

After getting dressed and proceeding to different parts of the castle, the two said it'd be best if they weren't together during the battle. Harry joined his friends, who had news for him as everyone was scurrying about the castle, either escaping or preparing to fight. It doesn't matter if we find a Horcrux. The Basilisk is sure to still be there, despite being a skeleton. The two ran away from him as he hurried around.

He shifted, reluctantly opening his eyes to see his red head friend leaning over the bed. Ron rolled his eyes, "Time to go, and guess what? Harry looked up, blinking the sleep out of his eyes. Ron didn't wait for an answer before telling him, "Dad's letting me drive the muggle car to the station! Harry sighed as he absent mindedly pushed the hair out of his eyes, not that it ever stayed that way. It was the first day of school after a fantastic summer with the Weasley's. The Dursley's had finally given up trying to get him to come back to Privet Drive for his summer's as they finally figured out that they didn't want him there anyway.

I hope no one reports this. For those who are interested, I have no idea how this got taken down. Hopefully under a new name, it will make it safe. Just in case Owned by J. Rowling, one of my personal idols.

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I hope no one reports this.,



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