Eric church bible and a 44

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eric church bible and a 44

Ashley McBride - Bible and A .44 (Karaoke Version)

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The mere mention of the song is enough to make McBryde instantly choke up and, therefore, very urgently require a drink. I love that song. Good grief. Another pause, a few blinks. McBryde shifts in her seat, straightens out her Bud Light T-shirt and rests her tattooed arms on the bar. A few minutes with McBryde — or her music — will quickly prove that this is one particular badass who is not afraid to shed a tear. Working in Nashville for over a decade, music has been salvation for McBryde many times before, when she was working a day job at Guitar Center and frequenting open mic nights.

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Hailing from Mammoth Spring, Arkansas, McBryde first displayed her interest in music when she was three years old and tried to play her father's guitar. After repeatedly telling young Ashley to leave the instrument alone, her parents decided the best solution was to get her a guitar of her own. After learning to play, McBryde stuck with the guitar, and at 17 she wrote her first song. Initially, she was shy about sharing her work, and it wasn't until she enrolled at Arkansas State University where she played in the marching band that she began playing her songs for people outside her immediate family. In , McBryde recorded an album's worth of songs that she released herself in early Since she was a teenager, her dream had been to go to Nashville and break into the music business, and in , she finally pulled up stakes and relocated to Music City. She assembled a band and played any club or bar that would have her, and she began making a name for herself.

She spoke tearfully about her dad in a recent interview with CBS This Morning , revealing that he simply does not support her career choice despite her success. She explains, "My favorite song I've ever written being "A Bible and a. It's unacceptable for anyone to make their living in the entertainment business. The reason goes back to the way he was brought up, which McBryde describes as "really, really old school. My father is 76 years old, and his mind was made up, you know, a long time ago. So when we talk, we argue, but we'd rather argue than not talk. His disapproval isn't a hindrance or motivator for McBryde, and her decision to speak up about her relationship with him was simple.

Just like her musical heroes, the song stems from real life. He raised us that way -- as mean as that sounds, and as sweet as that sounds, too. He has a southern drawl, like the red bone hound. It was a Martin DS. I used to get spanking when I was little for playing it.

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How Ashley McBryde Made a Fan of Eric Church, Became Country’s Rawest Writer



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