How to share files between mac and pc

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Best Solutions to Transfer Files between Windows and Mac.

how to share files between mac and pc

Jun 21, You can easily share files between your Mac and a Windows PC on the same network. Here's how.

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Did you know that you could share files between your Mac and PC or vice-versa wirelessly? Better still, you don't have to use a third-party app to access your shared folders. Read on to discover how it's done! There are times when I need to wirelessly share files between Mac and PC. It happens with me both at work and home as not everyone is using macOS.

Once you switch from a PC to a MAC, you will likely want to transfer the files from one to the other. The easiest method to transfer these files is over WiFi. There is no need for additional cables or hardware required to transfer larger files between Mac and Windows as long as both computers are on the same network or have access to the internet. The best and free solution to transfer files as is to use a Cloud service. If you are not tech savvy, rather than going through the network setup, these cloud apps are easy to use. When using the cloud services to transfer files, you can install the Windows and MAC applications in your system and copy files from your hard disk Windows System hard disk to the cloud drive.

Before you can connect to a Windows computer from your Mac you must know some information about how your Windows computer is set up. First, you must find out what IP address your Windows computer has been assigned. Two other things need to be configured on the Windows computer to make sharing with a Mac possible: file and printer sharing must be enabled, and the account you will use to connect to the Windows computer must have a password set on it. Select the user account you want to use when you connect to the Windows computer, then choose Create a Password. Once you have configured these two options, you must share a folder on the Windows computer.

This tutorial will how to share files between Mac and Windows PC this way. First you need to enable the Windows to Mac file sharing functionality, this is a simple preference toggle in Mac OS system settings on the Mac:. If you already know the Macs IP address you can skip this first part of this and go directly to the Windows PC to access the shared users directory. Access to the shared Mac directory and user files appear as any other folder within Windows. For example, to connect to a Windows share at Depending on the Windows PC settings, you might see a bunch of. Enjoy this tip?

Share Files from Mac OS X to Windows PCs Easily

How to Wirelessly Share Files Between Mac and Windows PC

Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Home file sharing used to be a nightmare, even between different versions of Windows never mind Mac and Linux! These operating systems can now talk to each other and share files without any special software. Microsoft even submitted patches to the open-source Samba project to improve it! Locate the folder you want to share in Windows Explorer or File Explorer, right-click it, and select Properties. Click the Sharing tab and use the options here to share a folder and configure its permissions.




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