Stephen curry and kyrie irving

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Kyrie Irving finally weighed in on Steph Curry's moon-landing conspiracy

stephen curry and kyrie irving

Kyrie Irving x Steph Curry - Footwork and Crossovers 2018

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Star Comparison Stephen Curry vs. Kyrie Irving. Who scored more points in his career? Who averaged more points in playoffs? Who won more championships?

By: Quenton S. Albertie January 27, am. S— happens in games, and you just got to move on. Boston actually had three shot attempts the Celtics missed to tie the game or take the lead — a three that rimmed out from Marcus Smart, his airball on a post fadeaway or the three that bounced off the back of the rim from Marcus Morris. However, Smart slipping on a box-out attempt is a rarity and perhaps the main reason he felt Golden State got a visit from Lady Luck in their win.

Curry and Irving put on a dazzling duel, combining for 86 points on a mere 42 shots during the Warriors' triumph over the Celtics in a clash of conference leaders at Oracle Arena. Curry posted a season-high 49 points on of shooting, including 8-of shooting beyond the 3-point arc, in 37 minutes. He scored 13 points over the final seconds of play while the Warriors fended off Boston's charges. Irving countered with 37 points on of shooting over 36 minutes. Once they got it going, you got to get out of the way. You can tell both teams kind of felt that midway through the first.

By: Andrew Joseph December 18, pm. Last week, Steph Curry caused a major stir when it was revealed in a podcast appearance that he doubted the moon landing. The comments drew backlash from the science community. And Curry spent the following days walking back on his remarks. Kyrie Irving famously stated that he thought the Earth was flat and spent years being mocked for that scientifically false conspiracy. Irving eventually apologized for the comments this year.

After the Warriors edged the Boston Celtics at TD Garden, Irving had this to say about Golden State's final stretch, in which the Dubs benefited from a few foul calls and lucky bounces. Irving's comments were then shared with Curry, who seemed peeved by the implication his team won on luck. Pretty lucky? I don't know what that means," Curry responded. Golden State did commit turnovers on back-to-back possessions with under a minute to play, and Draymond Green followed those errors by missing consecutive free throws with his team up two.

What it became, though, was an exhibition of roundball magic orchestrated by oft-dueling All-Star lead guards Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving. The three-time championship-round combatants simultaneously showcased the best of their crafts, overloading the stat sheet from the Warriors' victory with volume and otherworldly efficiency. Curry pumped in a season-high 49 points, human-torching his way to of shooting and 8-of from distance. Irving countered with 37 on a hyper-tidy of, including 5-of-6 from outside. Throw out the game score, and it's tough to tell who was victorious —outside of all the mesmerized observers, of course. And yet, for all the basketball brilliance displayed, it was still Curry standing alone on the mountaintop by night's end. The two-time champion —and two-time MVP —still has a mind-boggling way of keeping himself one step ahead of his competitors.

Stephen Curry on Kyrie Irving: We bring 'best out of each other'

Stephen Curry vs Kyrie Irving - Who's the Best?

Steph Curry says Kyrie Irving on 'Mt. Rushmore' of NBA ball-handlers

With their great success, they have made many enemies over the years. One man, in particular, Kyrie Irving , has been on a mission to terrorize Stephen Curry and the Warriors every time they meet up. But, Irving has never failed to impress when facing off against Curry. In many ways, Irving has had more success than any other player when it comes to beating the modern day Warriors. Nearly five years since their first showdown, we prepare for a postseason that could see them meeting up once again..

Rushmore of ball-handlers would include himself and yes, Kyrie Irving on the four-man list. In addition to being introduced as a Celtic and embracing Boston as his new home, Enes Kanter has had a busy summer criss-crossing the country to conduct basketball camps. Kanter, appearing on FoxSports 1's "First Things First" explained that he asked his manager what the record was for the number of camps done by an NBA player in one summer. He was told it was nine. I wanted to go somewhere that an NBA player had never stepped




Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving combine for 86 points in showdown


Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving have been rivals for a few seasons now. Here is a brief history of their relationship on and off the court.
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