Ron white and dr phil

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ron white and dr phil

Ron White - Behavioral Problems (2009) [Full Album] [Audio]

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On October 13, , American comedian and actor, Ron White married the love of his life, Mexican singer, composer, songwriter and recording artist, Margo Rey. The wedding took place at The Fairmont Hotel in Dallas, Texas before over loving and supportive loved ones. The McGraw family are dear friends of Ron and Margo. John sang and played guitar, Margo sang the song and Shannon performed her choreographed dance on an aerial ring. The ring symbolizes the exchange of the rings, their vows and their eternal love.

Ever wish you could live a life where you could say exactly what is on your mind at all times? Very few people actually have that kind of freedom. It takes a certain kind of sacrifice in order to reap the rewards that come from being true to who you are. Such people must take the risk that being yourself will lead to being successful. We like that kind of character on Phil In The Blanks. True success ultimately comes down to self-ownership and the courage to take responsibility for oneself- all the good and all the not so good. One has to love Ron White for all the good and for how he helps others learn to walk in their own truth the best they can.

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By John Benson September 30, at a. The Vindicator talked to White about his friendship with Dr. Considering you recently went through some personal issues, did your good friend Dr. Phil offer any advice? I was going through a painful divorce, and these lawyers were just kicking me in the gut everyday. So one day while golfing I said to Dr. Recent sports news had former NFL head coach Tony Dungy speaking out about heavy amounts of cursing by his peers.

I told you to shut up. Hey, baby, what the hell are you doing? Ron, you promised. It just makes me crazy sometimes. You know how I am.

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Drinking, smoking & cussing with Ron White







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