Draw and write through history

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Draw and Write Through History Series

draw and write through history

Order Draw and Write through History Books with Online Shopping. Bring life back to books with the Draw and Write Through History series!.

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Your artistically inclined students will love the opportunity to make their history lessons come alive! Volumes cover the time of creation to the 20th century, so you have plenty of period options to choose from. Each lesson features a prominent event, step-by-step drawing instruction, and a summary paragraph to be copied for cursive handwriting practice. Scattered throughout the book are tidbits about each drawing. A great supplement to any history program, especially for students who love to draw!

Draw and Write Through History

Recently, my second grader started cursive, and he loves to draw. This series is a great way to encourage both, with a fun connection to our memory work with Classical Conversations! Draw and Write Through History is a book filled with lots of instructions to draw, and several copywork pages the books are primarily drawing exercises with cursive handwriting thrown in at the end of each section, sneaky! The Timeline does not change, so if you bought these books, you can repeat the info each year drill, drill, drill, very classical! Timeline Draw Thru Timeline Weeks Book 1 Creation through Jonah. Book 2 Greece and Rome.

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