Sneak peek of love and hip hop atlanta reunion

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Nina Parker

sneak peek of love and hip hop atlanta reunion

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta S08E20 Reunion Part 2 LIVE

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Nina Parker reads the results of Karlie's lie detector test, where she was asked about her alleged threesome with Pooh and her After admitting she cheated on Kirk early in their relationship, Rasheeda urges the rest of the group to acknowledge their own Akbar V explains why she still has a beef with Shekinah, prompting Pooh to butt in and Sierra to call for peace and understanding. During Rasheeda's mother-daughter event, Karlie presents a lie detector test to prove Pooh wrong, and tempers quickly flare While on vacation, the crew enjoys a swamp tour, and Shekinah and Karlie do their imitation of Jack and Rose in "Titanic. The cast reflects on the confrontation between Karlie, Pooh and their daughters at Rasheeda's event and Joc's meeting of the Bow's new friend takes a crow bar to his window!

In a sneak peek of part one, Mimi Faust, Karlie Redd and a few other cast members bash the self-proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess in their sit down interviews with host Nina Parker. In the video, several of the VH1 stars share their thoughts on Joseline and none of them have anything nice to say about her. Mimi and Karlie also seem think Joseline has a few issues hinting that she previously checked into rehab for a number of problems. Joseline could care less what her cast members have to say about her. The rapper and reality star, however, does have a few choice words for Karlie. In the sneak peek, Joseline is asked about a secret she supposedly knows about Karlie but she refuses to say what it is.

The first part of the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion was filled with enough ratchetness to fill the week but since it's almost been a week, the ratchetness.
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The show was primarily filmed in Atlanta , Georgia. Diaz and Vivian Gomez for VH1. The series chronicles the lives of several women and men in the Atlanta area, involved in hip hop music. It consists of 20 episodes, including a two-part reunion special hosted by Nina Parker. On March 4, , VH1 released a promo confirming that Spice , Scrapp DeLeon and Yung Joc had been promoted to the main cast, after appearing in previous seasons as supporting cast members. Bambi's mother Cece and salon owner Sharonda Official would also appear in minor supporting roles.

The clip shows the reality stars sick and tired of Joseline's bad behavior. Karlie and Mimi appear to confirm rumors that Joseline has a drug problem, saying she previously checked into rehab. Faust also takes aim at Joseline, saying, "She has no loyalty to anyone. Joseline makes it clear that she pays no mind to her co-stars thoughts about her. In fact, she was stirring up more drama in the clip.

On October 18, , Tommie was arrested for allegedly attacking her daughter at her high school while heavily intoxicated. On January 3, , while facing up to 54 years behind bars for the crime, Tommie confirmed that she would not be returning to the show. Bambi's mother Cece and salon owner Sharonda Official would also appear in minor supporting roles. On March 16, , VH1 released a sneak peek of the season's premiere episode. On March 18, , VH1 released a 5 minute super trailer. On March 12, , Stevie J tweeted "Not returning for a full season.

First Look: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion

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Sneak Peek Part 2 of The Reunion Special Now! Don't forget to tune in on Monday 9/3 at 8/7c! Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion Sneak Peek.
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  1. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion is just around the corner! Every year, the cast gets together to hash out the biggest beef of the season in.

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