Difference between garnet and ruby

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How to Spot the Difference: Rubies and Garnets

difference between garnet and ruby

How to test for Garnet


They may seem to be identical, but by learning just a little about these gemstones, you can easily distinguish one from the other. Garnet — Garnet is a group of rock-forming minerals that are closely related in physical and chemical properties. There are different kinds of garnets, and these include pyrope, spessartine, grossular, uvarovite , almandine, and andradite. Some varieties are also known for their color changing effect if exposed to incandescent light. A garnet is often thought of as the darker red gemstone. Not many know this, but garnets actually have many color variations including orange, pink, black, purple, brown, yellow, green, and colorless.

If you are a lover of red gemstones, then Rubies and Garnets are the ones for you. They look similar and are sometimes confused as each other. You can distinguish them apart by knowing their differences. They are both precious, but it is important to know which is which to prevent you from paying for a Ruby and walking around with a Garnet. Garnets are a range of gemstones all linked together with chemical as well as physical properties. It was used in the Bronze Age as an abrasive, as well as a gemstone. The Bronze Age spanned from BC.

What sets their red hues apart? What makes the ruby one of the most important colored gemstones and the garnet the most common and widespread? Not all garnets are red. We can choose from a color palette that ranges from greens to pinkish oranges to blues. The rare demantoid is a green garnet, spessartine is an orange garnet and rhodolite is a purple-red garnet.

Garnets and rubies both are gemstones, but rubies are rarer and more valuable than garnets. Garnets can be be found in a variety of colors; pyrope, almandine and andradite are the most common red garnets. Rubies, red corundums that contains aluminum oxide and chromium, generally are more valuable than red garnets, so it is important to be able to tell the difference between them when buying gemstones. The so-called "scratch test" can damage the stone, so a test using light is best. Pick up the stone you wish to test and hold it very close to your eye, toward a source of light, such as a light bulb or lamp. Never look at the sun. Look through the stone.

How to Tell the Difference Between Rubies and Garnets


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  1. The core reason for a comparison between a red garnet and a ruby arises from the fact that these gems appear similar to many.

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