Difference between round and elongated toilet

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The Debate Between Round & Elongated Toilets

difference between round and elongated toilet

Toilet Seats - What Kind & When to Change Them

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In the case of toilets, there is more than one type to choose from. Elongated toilets are a little bit bigger than round toilets in terms of bowl size. They usually measure about This means that the lid and bowl have an elongated shape, much like an egg. The actual size of the bowl is different from model to model, but the bowl will always be a little bit bigger than with a round shaped design. Easier to clean.

Discussion in ' Toilet Forum discussions ' started by dz63 , Jan 4, Log in or Sign up. Elongated vs. Joined: Nov 10, Location: Ontario, Canada. Men, elongated, what can I say, the elongated will fit us.

Pros of elongated: much more comfortable for adults. I would definitely choose it for the master bathroom. Pros of round: easier for very young children to use due to the smaller opening in the seat. Also, there are code requirements of how much foot space you need in front of a toilet. If you have a small space, that will impact your choice of toilet size.

Last Updated on April 10, by admin. When it comes to the topic of round versus elongated toilet bowls, there are people on both sides of the issue. Some say that round is better, others say that elongated is. There are pros and cons to both types depending on your needs. What some view as an advantage may be a disadvantage to others.

Elongated vs. round toilets

Elongated toilet bowls measure up to 31" from the wall, while round fixtures max out at "You can have the most beautiful toilet in the whole wide world, but if it.
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  1. Dec 17, The only difference in appearance is the shape of the bowl itself. A round-front Both round and elongated front toilets install in the same way.

  2. Round vs Elongated Bowl Shapes. toilet flush Round shaped toilet bowls have on the benefits of both round and elongated bowls in the hope you will know.

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