Please build and install the portaudio python bindings first

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[open] please build and install the portaudio python binding first

please build and install the portaudio python bindings first

Python pyaudio fatal error portaudio.h file not found

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Many thanks to both Blaise Potard and Matthias Schaff for discovering the issue and for their patches! Thanks as well to Timothy Port for helping to correct a docstring. Many thanks to Tony Jacobson for discovering and helping with the overflow error. Thanks again to Bastian Bechtold for his help converting the documentation for use with Sphinx! In addition, thanks to John K. Luebs for the callback fix. Many thanks to Bastian Bechtold and Bob Jamison for their contributions!

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But after I tried to run this experiment. Sometimes it works but sometime doesn't, and in debug box was shown "please build and install the portaudio python binding first" I already installed pyAudio. I dont know how to slove this problam. I have noticed as well that pyaudio occasionally fails to initialize, and then gives this error message. The solution or rather workaround is simply to restart OpenSesame, so that pyaudio is loaded again. It appears to be an issue with pyaudio, so I'm afraid there's not much that can be done to fix it in OpenSesame.


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