Whipped cream and other delights cover

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Herb Alpert’s ‘Whipped Cream Lady’ now 76, living in Longview and looking back

whipped cream and other delights cover

Whipped Cream & Other Delights by Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass. perhaps from others', this was the sexiest album cover of the s.

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You know the one, it's green and got a woman seductively slathered in whipped cream on the cover. The Chevy Biscayne was called "Whip It! At some point, he put out a call to friends that if we saw the album while thrifting and it was cheap , to grab it. Apparently, fresh stock was required due to ongoing weather damage. In those days, I would spend both Saturday and Sunday at the flea market and, needless to say, I spent a lot of time digging through boxes of records looking for that damn album.

It's a good album, without a doubt, but it also benefited from Dolores Erickson, the model who appears on the cover slathered in "whipped cream," licking the index finger of one hand and holding a rose in her other. At one point in , Alpert had five albums in the top 20 of the Billboard chart, something nobody else has ever done. Dolores Erickson was the Whipped Cream Girl. Source: discogs. It was a salacious image of a beautiful girl who appeared to be nude, covered only in strategically-place whipped cream. Too racy. Source: famousfix.

More Images. Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Edit Master Release. Jazz , Latin , Pop. Latin Jazz. The album cover features model Dolores Erickson in chiffon and shaving cream.

Dolores Erickson wants to tell all you teen dreamers, "Enjoy the memories. This story, originally published in Aug. I called Dolores Erickson on Sunday, and she once again was thankful to her many fans worldwide. Her name is Dolores Erickson and she has been living in Longview for around 35 years, after a career that included being an Eileen Ford model in New York. There she is, seemingly naked but covered in what is supposed to be whipping cream looking at YOU. Whenever a list of the most memorable record covers is put together, that album is right at the top. She is licking cream from the index finger of her right hand… in the virtually pornless atmosphere of the suburban mid-sixties it was … the pinnacle of allure.

The cover is the stuff of teenage dreams and yearning of older men to return to their youth. Innocence and come-hither looks wrapped into one alluring package. If an album cover ever helped to sell mega amounts of copies, this was it. Was it based on the music? One problem: they could not use whipped cream because it kept sliding off. The solution? The only bit of whipped cream is on her head and fingers.

How The 'Whipped Cream' Girl Sold 6 Million Herb Alpert Records

It is the band's fourth full album and arguably their most popular release.,


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