Is katie spencer leaving the bold and the beautiful

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is katie spencer leaving the bold and the beautiful

Katie and Bill getting frisky on the Bold and the Beautiful

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Originally portrayed by actress Nancy Sloan for much of her duration on the series, she is currently portrayed by Daytime Emmy Award winning actress, Heather Tom. She is the younger sister of Brooke and Donna Logan. She was played by actress Nancy Sloan in a contract role from to , was recurring from to , and continued to make guest appearances in , , , and In , the role of Katie was recast with Heather Tom , who made her debut on August 30, In , Tom signed a contract with the series to ensure her stay until sometime in In , the show aired a controversial plot in which Katie was dying, and her brother Storm Logan William deVry committed suicide to give her his heart.

Jan 9, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal Katie Logan and Bill Spencer begin Ingo Rademacher is leaving Bold and the Beautiful after about one.
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The youngest child of Stephen and Beth Logan, teenaged Katie felt as if she were in the shadow of older sisters Brooke and Donna Logan, which, along with a bad case of acne, made her feel insecure. Katie brightened when Rocco Carner asked her out; Katie considered Rocco her boyfriend and couldn't see that Rocco was more interested in Donna. Katie was furious when she caught Donna and Rocco kissing. Katie forgave them, but Rocco wanted to marry Donna, and put an engagement ring in Katie's coat pocket, thinking the coat was Donna's. Katie found the ring and assumed it was for her. Katie was hurt despite Rocco letting her down easy, but soon she was able to move on with Kurt, a college classmate.

Bill Spencer Jr. Bill is the previously unseen son of publishing tycoon Bill Spencer, who was a main character for the first seven years of the show. Bill struck a deal with Stephanie! When the Forresters just missed a loan payment, Bill pressured the bank to foreclose and Forrester Creations became a subsidiary of Spencer. Still, Bill later helped Donna win a percentage of Forrester in her divorce settlement and bought it off of her.

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Hope on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Everything You Need to Know

Hope had one mother Brooke , but more than a couple fathers! Nick, Deacon, and Ridge! In , a teenaged Hope became an intern at Forrester Creations and fell in with photographer Graham Darros, who nearly raped her before Nick came to her rescue.

What Happened to Bill Spencer on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL

Bill Spencer Jr. They were happy together and then Katie criticized Bill on his drinking and temper. Bill dangerously kept taking a shot of liquor every time Katie said no. At his office, Bill and Alison Montgomery , Bill's assistant agreed to both have some liquor and Bill drove while intoxicated. Bill crashed into Katie's sister Brooke Logan and landed on the side of the road.



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  1. Katie Logan is a fictional character from The Bold and the Beautiful, an American soap opera Throughout her marriage to Bill Spencer, Jr. (Don Diamont), the couple have endured multiple challenges, including all of Bill's plotting to kill . The following year, Bill has an affair with Steffy Forrester, and decides to leave Katie.

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