Is hillary pregnant on young and the restless

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is hillary pregnant on young and the restless

A Chemical Pregnancy Devastates Hilary - The young and the restless

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Candace Young. Thursday, November 8th, Updated November 8: Soaps. It is with a full heart that I welcome my little bundle of joy to the world! We are all wrapped around your little finder already, Naliyah. On July 7, Soaps. My official reveal that, YES I am pregnant!

Hilary is pregnant in real life as well as on The Young and The Restless because Mishael Morgan is having a baby!.
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John and Drucilla Winters Victoria Rowell. Hilary Curtis is a reformed con-artist who initially comes to town to destroy the Winters family as revenge on Neil, whom she blames for her mother's death. Devon was originated by former child actor, Bryton James in and the role of Hilary was originated by Mishael Morgan in She seemed to care what Devon thought from the very beginning, without really knowing him too well. And I played that kind of genuinely and I think that they kind of picked up on that and started playing with that a little bit. Hilary recently turned her life around after trying to destroy the The Winters Family , Devon's adopted family. Devon manages to forgive Hilary for her past and they start spending time together.

Fans of The Young and the Restless are crushed that Mishael Morgan has exited the role of HIlary Curtis, but there's a silver lining to the disappointing departure news: the actress is pregnant with her second baby! Morgan took to social media to announce the exciting news, writing: "Best birthday present ever! My official reveal that, YES I am pregnant! And guess what Best birthday present ever!

Young and the Restless fans are about to be seriously excited when they hear the rumor we heard recently. And we are shocked. He helped her create this baby, after all. But they are going to go to their appointment. And this is something Devon will realize when they go to this appointment. Did she lie about it? Or was she pregnant and she lost the baby?

Hilary Was Desperate to Get Pregnant on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS

Hilary had hit a low point, with her career floundering and naked pictures of herself being leaked online after her schemes fell apart. But she turned her life around by making her TV series more upbeat and empowering and cleaning up her own act as well.





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