Beastboy and raven have a baby

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TEEN TITANS HAVE A BABY?? Starfire, Robin, Raven & Beast Boy | Sims 4 Random Genetics Challenge

beastboy and raven have a baby

Teen Titans Comic Dub - Child of Burning Time (by pizet) - With draginkyleezeke and Dark Drifter


The Teen Titans have a long history in DC comics. The team of teen superheroes first found its way to the page all the way back in the s, after Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash teamed up in an issue of The Brave and the Bold. Wonder Girl also became a founder and the team quickly began recruiting new members mostly sidekicks. Cyborg uses his skills in technology to make sure the team is always equipped with the latest and greatest tech. Beast Boy provides the comic relief and symbolizes the heart of the team, and Raven is the mysterious girl with uncharted powers! The show ran for 5 seasons and drew a large fan base. The teens balanced their teen lives with the act of protecting Jump City from all the strange threats that befall it.

Unfortunately for Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy are typically favored by fans and most writers. Laced with betrayal and heartbreak, Raven and Garfield's history is complicated. Depending on the era, the teenagers bring out the best or worst in each other. Or, should this romance be limited to fanfiction forums? Here are 25 crazy things about Raven and Beast Boy's relationship! Considering they have polar opposite personalities, it should come as no surprise that neither of them originally appreciated their teammate. Fond of pranks and refusing to use his inside voice, Garfield's obnoxious sense of humor can be offputting for certain people.

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Garfield Mark Logan, affectionately known as Gar to his teammates, has a lot more going for him than just those four points. Since those are the items that make it into so many adaptations, those are things people tend to remember first. Gar ended up with green skin after an illness as a child.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Teen Titans. Sequal too Healing Powers don't mend a heart. Raven is pregnant and she and Beast Boy are going to be proud parents but after the birth Slade comes back and steals the most precouis thing in the tower. Ok people the long This is the first chapter and i hope you like it. It starts out with Raven and Beast Boy already married and Raven had just found out she was pregnent.

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