Tingling in neck and shoulder

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Why Is My Shoulder Numb?

tingling in neck and shoulder

Many causes of neck numbness are treatable with home remedies like rest by a disc, it can cause numbness around the neck and shoulders.

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We respect your privacy. I have had MS for almost 20 years now. The past couple of weeks, my shoulder and the side of my neck up into my face and sometimes up to my hairline tingles. Is this common with MS or another cause? Tingling of the shoulder, neck up to the face can occur for many reasons. It would certainly be important to be sure there is not an anatomical problem irritating the nerve going to your neck, with an MRI of the neck to be certain that there is not a physical problem rather than just attributing it all to multiple sclerosis. Thus, MRI of the neck could be performed as well as an electrical test called an EMG, which checks the nerves and the muscles in the arm to see if there is a problem with the nerves and muscles, which would not be related to multiple sclerosis.

This can cause a numb shoulder. radiculopathy is often referred to as a pinched nerve in the neck or upper back.
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Neck pain results when the spine is stressed by injury, disease, wear and tear, or poor body mechanics. Acute neck pain is abrupt, intense pain that can radiate to the head, shoulders, arms, or hands. It typically subsides within days or weeks with rest, physical therapy and other self-care measures. You play an important role in the prevention, treatment and recovery process of neck pain. However, if chronic, pain will persist despite treatment and need further evaluation.

Neck Pain Symptoms

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