Dubai or muscat which is better to live and why

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Dubai v's Oman

dubai or muscat which is better to live and why

I was living in Oman from to and live in Dubai from Garewal, Have lived in Muscat, Oman and now live in Dubai, UAE.

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If you are considering moving to Muscat after living in Dubai or Abu Dhabi it They adapted well and embraced the lifestyle better than a single.
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I would say the package you're offered to move to Oman is better than the one you currently earn in UAE. It's a good package for a small family like yours and you'll be able to have some considerable savings as life in Oman is less demanding than in UAE. Hi bode, I agree to what VidoDido has posted above. The salary offered for you here in Oman is better than what you are earning currently in the UAE. Plus, the cost of living in Oman would be comparatively lesser when compared to the cost of living in Dubai. Therefore, your saving potential goes up. Of course you would have to compromise on certain things like the lifestyle of Dubai.

Imagine if you could take bits of all the different cities you have lived in and mix them together. What would that city look like to you? I had met and married and the opportunity to live and experience another city from this region arrived on our doorstep in with the opportunity to move to Muscat, Oman. I was now, just up the road from my sister and parents as opposed to the km drive it would otherwise take to drive to visit. We liked Abu Dhabi. Moving from Muscat to Abu Dhabi was like moving to the mainland. There were so many opportunities to see things and buy things, but after 5 years in a much smaller community, Abu Dhabi became somewhat daunting.

How does living in Dubai compare with Muscat or Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi, Dubai and a host of other Gulf cities have become less expensive over the last year in comparison to their global peers, according to a cost of living ranking by HR consultancy Mercer. The company ranked Abu Dhabi in 40th from 22nd last year and Dubai in 26th from 19th after both cities climbed the table in

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Muscat slide down cost of living table

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How does Muscat compare to Dubai , for example is it cheaper, is it good for gold shopping, can you drink alchol in the resturants that are not hotel based. What is the best resort to stay in when visiting Oman , all we want is a nice chilled out holiday, sunbathing, nice food etc and a bit of sighseeing. Muscat is more expensive and less customer orientated. People are friendlier but it is like comparing the city with a village. Several of the very few reasonable restaurants not associated with a hotel have a licence. Gold shopping in no way approaches Dubai.


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