Fox and friends trump rant

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Trump's 'Fox & Friends' rant was beyond unhinged

fox and friends trump rant

At the end of President Donald Trump's, angry, freewheeling interview on Fox & Friends Thursday morning, host Steve Doocy remarked on the.


However, perhaps unlike that imaginary film, it was kind of a disaster. Over the duration of the long, rambling segment, Trump rehashed his election win, fudging the numbers a bit and blaming Democrats for his VA secretary nominee, Ronny Jackson, withdrawing his nomination this morning. Jackson did so following a tumultuous confirmation process during which numerous scandals came to light. At certain points, Trump came off as thoroughly rattled, his tangents escalating into full-throated shouting rants. Overall, it was an interview marked by how unsettled the hosts seemed, despite the fact that they often openly praised the president. Whether they are starting to realize more things about him or are having more difficulty hiding things they already knew, Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade looked embarrassed for Trump and fearful of what he might say next.

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The President of the United States just reprised his role as a sports-talk-radio caller the hosts can't get off the phone. Not for the first time, we were treated to a live experiment in which one of the millions of Fox News Grandpas who watches the show religiously is allowed to call in and bellow about this and that until they can find a way to yank him off the air. In this case, like Brian Kilmeade has before , Steve Doocy resorted to reminding the president he has, you know, a job:. Before the world's most powerful man was hustled off the phone by the Three Geniuses, however, he certainly got a word in. Trump defended his decision to hold a rally in Pennsylvania last night as Hurricane Michael slammed into Florida— something he'd criticized President Obama for in the past —on the basis it would've been "unfair to the people" not to go ahead with it.

Doocy, Kilmeade, and Earhardt endured the deluge heroically, fidgeting slightly at times, and offering small laughs as they encouraged the president and tried to keep him on track. The interview went off the rails, however, when the Fox hosts asked Trump about the Russia investigation dogging his presidency, and whether he would agree to interview with Mueller:. I mean, like, the real deal. I love the F. But the top people at the F.

Full Interview: President Trump Calls In To "FOX & Friends"

Full interview: Trump calls in to 'Fox & Friends'





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