Eminem and tyler the creator

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon says he made “a huge mess” of Eminem, Tyler, The Creator incident

eminem and tyler the creator

Full Interview: Eminem about Kamikaze, MGK's diss, Joe Budden, Tyler the Creator and more (2018)

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He also addresses the root of his problems with Tyler, The Creator—another Rap peer that Marshall Mathers calls out by name. Eminem addresses the slur. And I think that the word that I called him on the album was, on that song, was one of the things where I felt like this might be too far. Em explains that on Kamikaze , the word is spun back. However, it still is heard—and its intent is felt.

Eminem has revealed the reasons for why he came at Tyler, the Creator in his new song “Fall,” as well as said he went “too far” with the homophobic diss.
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On Friday morning, world-renowned rapper Eminem released a surprise new album online named Kamikaze. The tenth album from the year-old has already attracted headlines for the number of fellow rappers that he mocks and calls out on many of the album's tracks. The lyrics, according to the lyrics website Genius , read as follows:. Although the album is only a few hours old, people have already begun to pick up on Eminem's use of the slur and criticised him online. According to Billboard , he changed the lyrics to:.

Eminem is, once again, addressing allegations of homophobia after he included anti-LGBTQ language on his latest album. In a Thursday interview with rapper Sway, Eminem got candid about the backlash, saying he now believes he crossed a line by including the slur. I was angry. Was not in the studio for the Eminem track Eminem is one of the best rappers of all time , there is no doubt. I have and will respect that. To act.

Justin Vernon isn't the most ubiquitous musician but he's been getting his face out there to promote new Bon Iver album i,i following its release earlier this month. Just last week he was chatting about Kanye West and his politics and today sees the arrival of an in-depth chat with Beats 1's Zane Lowe. The whole minute interview can be seen below but one interesting area the conversation led to is Vernon's opinons on social media and Eminem. These two unlikely subjects are linked by Vernon's belief that he acted hastily when he tweeted his disapproval at ending up on an Eminem song in which the rapper used homophobic language to insult Tyler, The Creator. Vernon told Lowe that he stands by his opinion, but that he wishes he hadn't made it known via Twitter. It's like, what was I doing?

Eminem Says His Homophobic Tyler, The Creator Diss Went Too Far (Video)

Eminem Faces Backlash for Calling Tyler, The Creator a Homophobic Slur on “Fall”

On November 10, , Tyler tweeted out, "Dear god this song is horrible sheesh what the f--k," seemingly in reference to the track. Biggest Celebrity Twitter Feuds. So, he fired back at the year-old star on "Fall," though it quickly did not sit right with him. I loved his energy. He was a funny dude, like he's super charismatic and s--t," the rapper continued in the interview. We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences.



New Interview: Tyler, The Creator talks about Eminem





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  1. Eminem 's surprise album, Kamikaze , has some fans saying it's a return to form for Shady but other listeners aren't too pleased with Em's use of a homophobic slur against Tyler, The Creator on the song "Fall.

  2. Eminem Reveals Tyler, The Creator Diss Was Because Tyler And Earl Sweatshirt Criticized His Music

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