Katt williams and wanda smith

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Wanda Smith's Husband Pulls out Gun on Katt Williams Following On-Air Beef

katt williams and wanda smith

Wanda Smith, Miss Sophia out at V Did the Katt Williams controversy lead to Smith's surprise demise? One of the most recognizable.

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According to multiple insiders - it was the Katt Williams drama, and Wanda's reaction to it, that caused her to be let go. Katt Williams and Wanda - who is also a comedian - got into a roasting session while live on the air. Katt's jokes were cold blooded yet funny,and embarrassed Wanda to her core. The next day, Wanda's husband saw Katt at the club and pulled a gun on him. Katt refused to tell police about the incident, and did not press charges.

But in his defense, Smith started it by insulting his hair. While the exchange was uncomfortable, I thought it would end there. Williams had been declared winner of that round and presumably Wanda had learned a lesson. Instead, Williams said Sellers brandished a gun, threatening him. And according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution , his gun merely fell out.

But he readily admitted he chased after Williams into the neighboring Food Depot supermarket because he felt Williams was verbally assaulting his wife for no good reason. You need to find something else to do. Williams, he said, stepped toward Sellers. In response, he started going toward Williams and Williams quickly bolted toward the Food Depot. The bodyguard caught up to Sellers and they began tussling, Sellers said. Williams saw that and kept running into the supermarket. Sellers said he quickly picked the gun back up and resumed chase.

LaMorris Sellers, V host Wanda Smith's husband, said in an Katt Williams on Saturday night outside the Atlanta Comedy Theater in.
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By The Atlanta Voice on January 03, Radio personality Wanda Smith has been fired from V Photo: Twitter. Both personalities were longstanding co-hosts with Frank-Ski with large loyal followings. Smith had been with the station for more than two decades and co-hosted the show with Ryan Cameron until he left one year ago.

Just yesterday, we wrote about radio host Wanda Smith and how she really brought the interaction with Katt Williams on herself…and then involved her husband in the madness. And while Smith claimed that she was not playing the victim in this scenario, yesterday she went back and forth with her co-host Frank Ski arguing about whether or not he should have stepped in, stood up for her or stopped the interaction from playing on the radio or being posted online. Every time I would ask him something or say something, he kind of came for me. When he started coming at me, it kind of threw me off. That bothered me so bad. That was so hurtful. After a listener called in and said that Wanda started the whole exchange and chastised her and her husband for escalating the situation to a threat or possible threat of gun violence, Wanda deflected and asked Frank about his role in all of this.

Did Katt Williams’ explosive episode lead to Wanda Smith’s firing at V-103?


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