My uggs got wet and now they are hard

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Will my UGGs ever be soft again?!

my uggs got wet and now they are hard

be able to help me out with a problem I'm having with my UGG boots. and today I can see there's been a slight improvement, but they're The boots now feel quite tough. If anyone has any recommendations about restoring the original colour and getting rid of darker spots etc I'd appreciate that too.


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Sheepskin and suede boots, like those made by UGG, are quite stylish and comfortable. And for some people, the interior begins to smell unpleasant. While there are certain brands of boots that can be machine-washed , they are made of synthetic materials that look quite similar to sheepskin. True sheepskin and UGG brand boots are made from a real animal hide that has been tanned to create the soft finish. They should be hand-cleaned and never tossed in a washer. Follow the directions carefully and shampoo your boots.

UGG boots can last you a long time so long as you give them the TLC they deserve. Gentle rubbing like this usually gets the water stains right out! UGG Boot Cleaning. Now that you've rid the boots of stains, you can move on to the actual Press too hard, ever, and; Worry if the boots lose shape while wet, they will re-form.
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Remember Me? Advanced Search. Results 1 to 11 of Hi Roger! Thanks for your help. UGG boots, hard and lost, and stains should I do? We'll be waiting for your comments.

The Ultimate UGG Boot Cleaning Guide!

How to Clean UGG Boots Easily and Effectively Using the Factory Approved Method

How to Clean and Care for UGG Sheepskin Boots

About 64, times a year, I get a question from our community regarding cleaning UGG boots. UGGs are a fashion icon. The caveat with UGG boots is their suede exterior. While they look wonderful, they are not the most compatible with winter conditions; often times, mud, snow and salt can wreak havoc on the boots, leaving them looking worn and old. This is ironic, no?

UGG boots are a brand of women's boots made of suede and sheepskin. While sheepskin is very warm, the boots' suede exterior is a type of leather that can get dirty and damaged quickly. The outside of brand-new UGG boots are usually quite stiff, but you can soften them to make them more comfortable. UGG boots also require conditioning to keep them clean, since suede can be difficult to clean once it is soiled. Rub the suede of your UGG boots in one direction with a suede brush to lift the fibers in preparation for the conditioner. Spray a light silicone conditioner made for suede over the boots in a well-ventilated area.


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  1. Now that we've covered how to remove stains from your uggs, let's talk take days up to weeks to dry especially if they got really soaking wet.

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