The bear and the rat dog treats shark tank

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The Bear & The Rat: What Happened To Frozen Yogurt For Dogs After Shark Tank

the bear and the rat dog treats shark tank

The bear and the rat frozen yogurt is yummy

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Husband and wife entrepreneurs Matt and Meg Meyer pitch the Sharks on their line of frozen yogurt for our canine friends in episode The Meyers have been making their pro-biotic, gluten-free, frozen yogurt for dogs since The frozen yogurt is human grade, but made for dogs. The products are animal-nutritionist and veterinarian approved. Daymond goes out immediately. Mark thinks they are way overvalued; he's out.

Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. Cyrillic Russia Ukraine Belarus. Matt Meyer had the idea for the Bear and the Rat when he was just eight years old, even if the name for it did not come until later. The couple has been making their cool treats for dogs since and they hope the sharks will invest in their probiotic, gluten-free, frozen yogurt for dogs.

The flavors are: Bacon Peanut Barker bacon and peanut butter flavors , Banana Peanut Barker banana and peanut butter flavors , and Pumpkin made with real pumpkin. It's made with nonfat yogurt, water and natural flavors. The bacon flavor contains 90 calories per 3. The company said the probiotics help with doggie breath, tummy troubles and overall immunity. The frozen treat is produced with as few ingredients as possible in an organic ice cream facility for people. The company uses a co-packer and co-produces the product using its own employees in the ice cream facility. The company plans to launch a co-branded version of the frozen treat for dogs next year with a global ice cream company for mass retailer's grocery chains and big box pet stores.

The Bear and the Rat is your cool treats for dogs. That is, it is ice cream for the dogs pitched on Shark Tank. Matt and Meg Ryan came up with the name of their company based on their dog's names, Bear and Rat. At eight years old, Matt would get a scoop of vanilla ice cream for his dog, but the dog did not take it too well even though his dog enjoyed the taste. They decided to treat the dogs to a safer, healthier ice cream made for their pets. The ice cream is human grade but is going to be bland although dogs love it.

The Bear & The Rat: Cool Treats for Dogs now at Whole Foods

Shark Tank -- Wink Ice Cream -- Taste Free

The Bear and the Rat Update What Happened After Shark Tank

Matt Meyer had the idea for the Bear and the Rat when he was just eight years old, even if the name for it did not come until later. He and his family would go to a local ice cream shop every Sunday with his family and his poodle, Babette. He wanted families to be able to have that time with their pets without sacrificing their digestive health. In their introduction video, Meg and Matt introduced themselves as they played with their dogs, which they call the Bear and the Rat. The couple insisted that the dogs were like their children since they did not have kids yet. The dogs inspired their business since human food made them sick. The video panned to the pair serving treats to a whole pack of dogs in their backyard.


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