Multiplying and dividing mixed numbers

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5th Grade Math Worksheets: Fractions - Multiplication & Division

multiplying and dividing mixed numbers

Multiplying and Dividing Mixed Numbers!

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Our grade 5 multiplying and dividing fractions worksheets begin with multiplying and dividing fractions by whole numbers and continue through mixed number operations. All worksheets are pdf documents. Explore all of our fractions worksheets , from dividing shapes into "equal parts" to multiplying and dividing improper fractions and mixed numbers. K5 Learning offers reading and math worksheets , workbooks and an online reading and math program for kids in kindergarten to grade 5. We help your children build good study habits and excel in school. Buy Workbook. Free Ebook!

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Do math calculations with mixed numbers mixed fractions performing operations on fractions, whole numbers, integers, mixed numbers, mixed fractions and improper fractions. The Mixed Numbers Calculator can add, subtract, multiply and divide mixed numbers and fractions. This online calculator handles simple operations on whole numbers, integers, mixed numbers, fractions and improper fractions by adding, subtracting, dividing or multiplying. The answer is provided in a reduced fraction and a mixed number if it exists. To perform math operations on simple proper or improper fractions use our Fractions Calculator. This calculator simplifies improper fraction answers into mixed numbers. If you want to simplify an individual fraction into lowest terms use our Simplify Fractions Calculator.

Dividing mixed numbers is very similar to multiplying mixed numbers. Let's work through a "word problem" example. The SuperQuik Market has just installed new scanners for its check-out lanes.
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If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website. To log in and use all the features of Khan Academy, please enable JavaScript in your browser. Multiplying positive and negative fractions. Practice: Multiplying positive and negative fractions. Dividing negative fractions. Practice: Dividing positive and negative fractions.

To multiply two fractions together, multiply the numerators together and multiply the denominators together. Work out. If the fractions to be multiplied contain mixed numbers, first convert them to improper fractions and then multiply the numerators together and multiply the denominators together. This fraction cannot be simplified any further, so this is the final answer. To divide two fractions, multiply the first fraction by the reciprocal of the second fraction. This means simply that the divide sign is swapped for a multiply sign, and the second fraction is flipped upside down. This is the same as keep the first fraction the same, change the divide sign to a multiply and write the second fraction as a reciprocal - flip it upside down.


Dividing Mixed Numbers



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  1. By Mark Zegarelli. There's no direct method for multiplying and dividing mixed numbers. The only way is to convert the mixed numbers to improper fractions and .

  2. Mixed numbers calculator to add, subtract, multiply and divide mixed numbers ( mixed fractions), fractions and integers. Do math with mixed numbers and mixed .

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