Are shawn and hailey dating

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Shawn Mendes admits to dating Hailey Baldwin before Justin Bieber proposed

are shawn and hailey dating

SHAWN MENDES Cheating with JUSTIN BIEBER's Girlfriend HAILEY BALDWIN? *Exposed*

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Shawn Mendes has finally confirmed that he and Hailey Baldwin were romantically involved, shortly before she reunited with her now-husband Justin Bieber - while admitting that he feels as though he has to be seen with women in public 'to prove to people that he's not gay'. In an candid interview with Rolling Stone , the year-old singer opened up about battling a series of rumors about his sexuality, admitting that the strain of seeing a stream of speculation on social media about whether he is homosexual has put an immense amount of pressure on his personal life. And I hate that side of me. Opening up: Singer Shawn Mendes has finally confirmed that he and Hailey Baldwin did date, after refusing to address rumors about a romance following their Met Gala appearance in May. Heartthrob: Despite millions of girls clamoring after him, the year-old singer, pictured at the Victoria's Secret show, admits he has been left upset by persistent rumors that he is gay. Hitting back: Shawn says he feels as though he has to be seen with women in public in order to 'prove to people that I'm not gay'. His love life came under all the more scrutiny in May, when he attended the Met Gala on the arm of model Hailey; the pair looked incredibly close and spent much of their time on the red carpet putting on a very romantic display.

Sure, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are married in the eyes of the law but Shawn Mendes has something to say about his relationship with Hailey before she became Mrs. Oh, and a little something to say about Hailey's engagement to Justin, too. In other words, your feelings about this weird love triangle are about to change a whole lot. Shawn just gave an interview with Rolling Stone in which he felt the need to confess that he's friendly and really loves smoking the devil's lettuce, but he also finally! Because has been a hell of a year, here's a refresher: Shawn and Hailey went to the Met Gala together in May, looked so adorable, and sparked a thousand relationship rumors in the process. On another day, they were spotted hugging near Shawn's hometown, but denied they were ever a thing the entire time—even after Hailey got engaged and married to Justin! But oh how times have changed because Shawn is done trying to bury their relationship and told Rolling Stone it was a bit of a messy and confusing experience.

Shawn Mendes finally admitted what he and Hailey Baldwin spent months denying to the press: They were really romantically involved right before Baldwin got back together with—and ultimately married to—Justin Bieber.
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Justin Bieber decided to do a photo spam of his wife Hailey Baldwin on his Instagram feed two days ago, posting four photos of Baldwin in a row. They of course got a lot of likes, and one was apparently liked by Baldwin's last boyfriend before she got back together with Bieber, Shawn Mendes. Mendes and Baldwin attended the Met Gala as each other's dates one month before Baldwin got back together with Bieber. Mendes also admitted to Rolling Stone in November that despite the two's efforts to say publicly they were just friends at the time, they were romantically involved, and it was a little complicated. So Mendes liked Bieber's photo of Baldwin But a fan account noticed and pointed it out yesterday evening.

Shawn Mendes Opened Up About Hailey Baldwin & What Really Happened Between Them

Shawn Mendes Called His Relationship With Hailey Bieber a "Zone of Limbo"

To say the timeline of Shawn Mendes and Hailey Bieber 's rumored dalliance was anything but a whirlwind would be an understatement. Since December , the pair had been seen cozying up to each other on a number of occasions, including concerts in Toronto and the Met Gala in May. Now that Hailey is no longer Baldwin but officially Bieber , Shawn has finally broken the silence on what the model meant to him. Though they denied being a romantic item on numerous occasions, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone , Shawn admitted they had been more than friends and opened up about the nature of the relationship. Back in June, when rumors that Justin and Hailey had gotten back together first arose, Shawn seemed to give the couple his blessing, saying, "I don't know if they're dating or not. I love them both. They're both really awesome people.

Shawn Mendes is a name everyone knows now. Even my own mother raves about him because he's just that perfect, talented and since he's Canadian, it's in his blood to be nice. Yes, that is a reference to his song In My Blood. Thank you. I'm sure it gets annoying for Shawn Mendes to always be called nice and innocent. In his new Rolling Stone interview, he admits to smoking weed when he's back home in Toronto and he even considered trying shrooms while in Amsterdam. But those aren't the only juicy details we got from this interview.

When it comes to Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin, the history is complicated. Were they friends?

Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin's Relationship Timeline

His songs might be on the confessional side, but now the singer is opening up for real. In a Rolling Stone interview published Monday, Shawn Mendes discussed his rumored relationship with Hailey Baldwin , who he supposedly dated in the spring. Mendes confirmed he was more than friends with Baldwin, but didn't go as far as to say the two had anything serious. Basically, Mendes said the relationship couldn't be defined, even if it was more romantic than the two initially let on. Rumors first began in December of when Baldwin and Mendes were spotted attending a concert together in Toronto. In early April , Mendes posted an Instagram with Baldwin , further spurring romance rumors. Then, Baldwin and Mendes attended the Met Ball together in May, which was taken as confirmation of a relationship.




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