Best episodes of drunk history

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The BEST Episodes of Drunk History

best episodes of drunk history

To help get you in the mood for the return of TV's sloppiest yet insightful show, here's our ranking of the ten best episode of 'Drunk History' so.

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A total of 70 have aired over the course of 6 seasons. In addition to the below web series episodes, the concept also appears as segments during HBO's Funny or Die Presents series. This season features three episodes "American Music", "First Ladies", and "Sports Heroes" that are structured around themes instead of the typical city-focused format. Retellings : Chris Romano on James T. Tompkins on the Moulin Rouge Hotel.

Everyone knows the best way to learn history is with a side of alcohol, and if some talented actors can get involved then all the better. Grab your favorite drink s and settle in--here are Drunk History 's top ten celebrity guest stars. One of the biggest challenges of Drunk History is editing—making sure the drunk storytelling actually has an arc and that actors can match up with the drunk ramblings of the storytellers is no simple task. One of the best parts of Drunk History is watching the actors wait for the storyteller to remember the next bit, and Gosling does not disappoint. He stares into the camera with signature Gosling im patience, waiting for McLeod to get him to the window, stop snacking, and allow the holiday cheer to begin. This episode focuses on the story of Nellie Bly, a journalist who got herself committed to a mental health institution in order to expose how awfully the patients were being treated.

S6 of Drunk History graced our Comedy Central screens earlier this year. Starring Jason Ritter Freddy vs. Jen Kirkman Home Again is the MVP of Drunk History , having slurred her way through many seminal historical events before retiring the hooch a few years back. Two bottles of wine deep, Kirkman impressively manages to tell the foundations of the story fairly well, even if she hardly ever has the right words to tell it. Starring John C.

Season after season, funny stories from Drunk History pile up, emanating a boozy cloud of comedy and leaving behind a trail of historical nuggets. But which are your favorite? Which is your favorite Drunk History retelling? Crissle West regaling the heroism of dope-ass spy Harriet Tubman? And we know what a tool James Cook was, but Jonah Ray gives him some extra tooliness as he slurs his way to Hawaii to terrorize King Kalaniopuu. These episodes had some great moments. OMGing hard?

Wrecked revisionist: A sloppy ranking of the best ‘Drunk History’ episodes

Drunk History Christmas with Ryan Gosling, Jim Carrey and Eva Mendes

But which are your favorite? It's a difficult task deciding which are the best Drunk History stories when each episode is packed full of talent who throw themselves.
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  1. With Drunk History's fifth season on the way, relive some of the show's best segments to date.

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