Jojo golden wind episode 13

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 13 Review: Mirror Man and Purple Smoke

jojo golden wind episode 13

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Fugo is in a tough spot as Illuso has pulled him into the mirror realm without Fugo's stand to help him. Illuso is distracted by Abbacchio running toward the dog mosaic to retrieve the key. As Abbacchio reaches the key, a mirror is there beside the key. Illuso pulls him into the mirror world, but Abbacchio is actually his stand disguised as himself. Illuso has pulled Abbacchio's stand, Moody Blues, into the mirror realm with him. He attacks Illuso but Illuso pulls the real Abbacchio in with another shard of a mirror. Illuso permits half of Abbacchio into the realm and allows half of Moody Blues to leave, leaving Abbacchio incapacitated.

By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind will soon be entering its next phase as the Bucciarati Gang has gotten through the majority of their fights against the Hitman Team. The latest episode even introduced Passione's Boss and his Stand. But before things can kick off in full, fans were given a chance to catch their breath as the latest episode was a special recap episode. Episode It's been an especially tough fight for Mista, and he's given much of the focus here. This marks the second recap special episode for the series with the last one happening shortly after Pannacotta's fight in the mirror in Episode 13 of the series.

Illuso has Fugo cornered in the mirror world with his Man in the Mirror , leaving Fugo's Stand , Purple Haze , in the real world and his two companions, Giorno Giovanna and Leone Abbacchio , ignorant of what happened. Abbacchio decides to put the objective first and runs toward the dog mosaic, but Illuso picks up on the pebbles Abbacchio disturbs when running, prompting him to leave Fugo and intercept. Abbacchio understands the situation and kicks the mirror, shattering it into pieces. However, Illuso grabs one of the pieces and manages to drag Abbacchio's hand into the mirror before he can grab the key. Indeed, the small mirror shards only multiply the places where Illuso can attack from. However, when Man in the Mirror drags Abbacchio into the mirror world, Abbacchio unexpectedly grabs the Stand's throat.

These quicker fights are kind of nice. I also think it was interesting that the hit man they were fighting seemed to have a Stand that could defeat all of theirs combined. Anyway, the battle picked up right where we left off. With Fugo about to get killed inside of the mirror world. Until Abbacchio ran off in the direction of the key that they came here for in the first place.

Picking up from last week, Illuso is prepared to tear into a helpless Fugo when he suddenly picks up the sounds of footsteps, signaling that Abbacchio is running towards the dog mosaic. It turns out what was pulled into the mirror was actually Moody Blues acting as a decoy who swiftly delivers a hearty beatdown. However, Illuso interrupts the moment by revealing another mirror shard in his possession, using it to swap half of Abbacchio and Moody Blues between the tangible world and mirror realm, creating two fusions of the both of them. While Illuso is worried at first, he is soon filled with glee as he reveals that Giorno is unaware of the mirror dimensions, leaving him oblivious enough to be attacked. As it turns out, Giorno brought with him a piece of the mirror that Purple Haze punched and shattered, dragging the virus into the mirror world along with him. In order to avoid death, Illuso transfers himself back into the real world, leaving the virus behind and reducing the injuries to just his hand melting off.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind – Episode 13 – “Mirror Man and Purple Smoke”

Enlarge Image. Illuso goes after Abbacchio, and he latter ends up half-inhalf-out of the mirror world along with Moody Blues. -


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