Find apple watch serial number

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How to Find Your Apple Watch Serial Number

find apple watch serial number

Secret Apple Watch Port?!


The Apple Watch has a lot in common with the iPhone, both in the way that the apps and navigation on the devices are structured, but also in there ability to connect to different networks. You can find out a lot of important information about the iPhone on its About menu, and you can do the same thing on the Apple Watch. The steps in the first section below are going to show you how to find the serial number for your Apple Watch through the Watch app on your iPhone. This is there because you can sync playlists directly to your watch, which allows you to listen to music from the watch without involving your iPhone. Read our guide on syncing Apple Watch playlists to see how you can accomplish this. Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site.

Look for the water droplet icon and press. You will be prompted to twist the digital crown to eject the water. Besides, the user can customize how these open apps are displayed. Once the user has pressed the action button to open up the dock, he or she should press and hold on any of the app widgets. Now, the user will be able to drag it up or down in order to arrange the apps. To perform the operation, hold down the digital crown and the action button below it at the same time. When you take a screenshot, images are saved to your camera roll on your iPhone.

Trying to figure out your Apple Watch's serial number? Need to know which generation of Apple Watch you've purchased? Whether you're just curious to know what Apple Watch you've been strapping to your wrist this whole time or you need to write down some info for an upcoming support appointment, there are plenty of reasons why you might need to track down your Apple Watch's serial number or know which generation of Apple Watch you're rockin'.
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Every Apple device be it an iPhone, iPad or a Mac comes with a unique serial number. This serial number is useful when you want to check the warranty status of your device or want to request support of the product from Apple. Just like any other device Apple Watch also has a serial number that you can use for different purposes. In this article we will tell you how you can easily find the serial number of your Apple Watch. Lets get started. There are multiple places where you can find your Apple Watch serial number. The first pace where you can find it is on its backside.


How to find the serial number or IMEI for your Apple Watch

Apple Watch digit Serial Number. This way you make sure that your money is well spent and that you retain the manufacturers guarantee. If you have the device on your wrist, get it off and check the markings on the case. Flick your wrist and wake your gadget. Press the Digital Crown until you reach the app home screen. Tap on Settings , scroll for General and open the About menu.

Decoding can be done through the form on the main page. In addition to date of manufacture, for most models of the mobile phones, by the serial number you can find the country of manufacture and the name of factory. By IMEI number, except country and date of manufacture, also defines the phone model, color, and country or organization is that is selling it. If it will found in the list of stolen, you will see an "Attention" field like this:. Certificate is a confirmation of the valid checking result by the SNDeepInfo service and will be useful for those who want to share those in the blog, forum or on the Internet. Such certificate is given one per phone and has a unique URL address, which excludes possibility of fraud. The manufacturer assigns to each device a unique serial number, in which encoded all information about the product: model, production country , date of manufacture.

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You will receive all information about your Apple device based on the Serial Number. All iPhone, iPad, iWatch, Macbook and the rest are supported. The country of origin doesn't matter. All information about warranty coverage, color, internal memory and many others are available. The Apple checker service is free of charge and supports all Apple products. Apple iPhone 6. Apple iPhone 6s.






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