Connect bluetooth speaker to mac

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How to Connect a Mac to Bluetooth Speaker

connect bluetooth speaker to mac

Make sure the device is turned on and discoverable (see the device's manual for details). On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click.

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When I am using any Osx audio application or Logic Pro project, the music track will restart or rewind for a few seconds and cut some parts, unable to hear the full track. Could someone help me with the problem? TKS FL. My Macbook Pro pairs with the device, but when trying to play youtube videos the sound cuts in and out sporadically and then loses connection. Worked perfectly, Thank you.

From the dawn of time to just about a few years ago, all of us sported a pair of wired headphones and were convinced that this is simply how it will be done forever. After all, they are the easiest technology around: just plug them in, put them on, and go. But with proliferation of Bluetooth headphone options and disappearance of headphone jacks from nearly all the latest smartphones, wired headphones seem to progress on the path of disappearance more and more each day. Thankfully, wireless devices are great. They are lightweight.

Connect a Bluetooth device with your Mac

A Mac can easily be connected to a Bluetooth speaker system, offering a convenient and wireless method of enjoying audio from the computer. Using a Bluetooth speaker system on a Mac is quite simple, and the only real requirement is that the Mac has Bluetooth actively enabled, and the Speaker system is within range.

Easily Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Mac

Is there some secret to getting a MacBook to use a bluetooth speaker system? See the little gear button on the bottom? You need to click it:. Nicely explained with good illustration good work done thanks. They work on Linux with the exact same machine, just not on Windows. I already reinstalled the Bluetooth drivers but nothing. Any help would be appreciated.


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