Ohio dnr oil and gas

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Ohio’s natural gas production up 42%

ohio dnr oil and gas

Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Oil and Gas. Regulation of Ohio's oil and gas drilling and production operations, brine disposal operations.

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Last fall, the U. The northern long-eared bat would be the second native Ohio bat, after the Indiana bat, to be classified as an endangered species. Both bat species have suffered population declines in recent years as a result of a naturally occurring condition called white-nose syndrome , which affects the bats. The revisions bring the Model General Permits up-to-date with changes in the law since Ohio EPA originally issued the permits and make other changes to respond to industry comments. The revisions also include revised leak detection and repair requirements, which have been the subject of much recent discussion. In our first post about Section 16 lands , we provided background on such public lands here in Ohio.

The development of Ohio's shale oil and gas resources raises concern among many Ohioans about potential impacts on groundwater. While the process of shale development is tightly regulated and closely monitored, some argue that released gas, salts, minerals, metals or chemicals could contaminate private water supplies. Proper water tests are valuable tools for addressing concerns about contamination. If a water test reveals potential contamination, a landowner can take steps to protect health and safety. Ohio law provides for an agency investigation of potential contamination and requires the oil and gas operator to address harm to the landowner. This fact sheet explains private water testing and steps to follow if contamination from oil and gas development is suspected.

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Rick Simmers, Oil & Gas ODNR, "Ohio Shale Play" IOGCC - Columbus, OH 2014

Rick Simmers II, Oil & Gas, ODNR, "Ohio Shale Play" panel, IOGCC, Columbus, OH 10/14


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