Below deck man overboard accident

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Rhylee Gerber Explains Why She Remained So Calm During That "Man Overboard" Moment

below deck man overboard accident

Watch! Shocking Footage: Near-Fatal Accident On ‘Below Deck’


I have kids. No sir. Not going to happen. How fortunate we were. We need to really care about ourselves and our loved ones. Standing on the swim deck, he was helping set out the line to tow the tender behind the yacht.

The usually fiery Rhylee was somehow able to remain calm, cool, and collected as the incident unfolded. Rhylee explained during an interview with The Daily Dish prior to the airing of the episode featuring Ashton's accident how she was able to maintain her composure during such a scary situation. I think that was probably one really big thing keeping me calm because I was not calm, I was on the swim deck with [Ross Inia] and Ryan, our camera guy, and I was not calm inside," she said. Ashton said during the same interview that he admired how the deck crew handled themselves during his accident. Rhylee's "man overboard" call over the radio was one of the reasons Ashton didn't lose his life, according to Ross.

Below Deck Star Gets Pulled Overboard in Scary Accident: 'We . Fellow deckhand Rhylee Gerber called “man overboard” over the radio.
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And while Pienaar was saved thanks to a fast-acting cameraman , everyone on deck was completely rattled. This included Rosbach, who typically maintains a tough as nails exterior. I have kids. Rosbach is clearly overwhelmed with emotion and has to excuse himself from the interview. And as the episode unfolds, cracks begin to show as to what went wrong and how this could have been avoided.

The hands-down scariest incident in Below Deck history occurred in Tuesday night's episode when we witnessed what happened when Ashton Pienaar went overboard. After the deckhand stepped on the line to tow the tender, the line quickly wrapped around his ankle and dragged him off the yacht and into the water. Lucky for Ashton, one of the cameramen, Brent, immediately put his camera down and helped get the line loose so that the deckhand was free and could swim to the tender for safety. If Brent hadn't been there, when the line tightened, it would have severed Ashton's foot, and he would have bled out to the point of death before anyone could have reached him in the water, Captain Lee Rosbach explained during the episode. Understandably, just thinking about the whole ordeal is somewhat still emotional for Ashton, especially after seeing a preview for the episode. The situation itself was tough. It was very real," Ashton told The Daily Dish in advance of the episode airing.

The entire crew is still coming to grips with the severity of what happened, and what was narrowly avoided. Tyler Rowland was a witness at the back of the boat with Rhylee Gerber. As the junior deckhand of the group, Tyler was getting a lot of instruction from Ashton. Apparently, Ashton himself had warned him about the lines. Unfortunately, despite all his training and experience, Ashton stepped on the line. His foot was caught and he was dragged to sea.

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Sign in. See the list. Title: Man Overboard 04 Dec My Seanna struggles to pull off a successful Charter on the heels of two dramatic exits from crew members, Chandler and Caroline. Tensions rise as newly-appointed bosun, Ross, finds himself at odds with an easily-riled Rhylee.

Below Deck. Below Deck viewers have waited for this episode since season six opened in early October. The scene shows a deckhand, now known to be Ashton Pienaar, dragged into the ocean by a rope, with the appearance that Pienaar drowns or becomes seriously injured. Viewers now know Pienaar survived the accident, but anxiously awaited the full episode to see how Pienaar is saved. Plus what exactly happened. Bravo previewed the big accident show as Man Overboard so fans were salivating, waiting to see what exactly occurred.

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