Meson de mesilla hotel hell

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Ramsay's Hotel Hell

meson de mesilla hotel hell

In this Hotel Hell episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Meson De Mesilla, a 14 bedroom hotel in Las Cruces, New Mexico where owner Cali loves to sing and believes.

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The restaurant only serves one type of food and the Chefs are clueless on how to cook the menu and Cali has husband and wife team Zan and Mitzi to help her. Gordon arrives and is asked to sign a waver promising to cause not damage to the Venetian plaster, in a beige that most of the restaurant features. Gordon rips the waiver in half and tells Cali that he didn't sign it. Gordon is given a tour of the hotel and is shocked that there are 3 different stages for Cali to perform on. Gordon is not impressed with the food, saying that it is disgusting, especially the frozen lamb, which is tough and fatty. Cal starts singing and both Gordon and the guests are surprised by her suddenly bursting into song. Gordon sits down with the staff and an argument breaks out that results in Zan and Mitzi leaving.

After Gordon took a tour of Hotel Meson de Mesilla he revamped the terrible wallpaper, awful food and dirty pool area. But rather than jump around for joy at the celebrity chef's changes, Cali offered a very different reaction. In a clip from the show, Gordon takes the lucky lady on a tour around the newly refurbished hotel, showing off luxury pool seating, new interior decorations and a menu worthy of a Michelin star. He tells camera: "This make over is the biggest I've done in any of the hotels I've visited. It's exactly what the guests need. Just moments later the unimpressed owner begins to complain about being burdened with excess hamburger buns due to the changes and is unhappy with the hard work she'll have to do as a result. She groans: "This is a lot of work.

I have been to Meson de Mesilla in the past several times in the past. Great view, location is ideal, and the food is hit or miss.
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For me, hell was not having customers. Meson de Mesilla was built in When Szczawinski took over the place in , it went through a lot of ups and downs. First, it was shut down for remodeling for more than a year. Then, it opened in and was sort of an upscale jazz hangout that quickly closed and sat empty for more than a year again.

Gordon visits a struggling Tuscan-style hotel in New Mexico. Former child-star Cali Szczawinski bought the hotel so that she could perform Cher songs every night to a captive audience. Can he keep the doors to this year-old establishment open and save 50 staff jobs, or is he too late? Gordon heads to Applegate, Oregon, to try to rescue the Applegate River Lodge, which is around a million dollars in debt. Its owner has 40 years' experience in the hotel business but struggles to make his own establishment work. Gordon heads to West Dover in Vermont to save the Four Seasons Inn, a struggling, dog-friendly hotel run like a hostel by its owner, with unpaid staff staying in the rooms instead of paying guests.

Ramsay wishes he could turn back time, and reroute his flight to anywhere other than Las Cruces. Can he get this owner to focus more on running her hotel and keeping up his changes and less on her performances? Cali thinks she sings well and is in demand by her customers. Two months ago, Cali hired Zan as her General Manager. Hotel bookings have falling to all time low and is on the verge of closing. Gordon arrives at the hotel and is immediately asked to sign a waiver stating that he will not damage the Venetian plaster.

Struggling Mesilla inn endures TV revamp

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