Kia soul hamster commercial 2009

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How hamsters became Kia's killer salesmen

kia soul hamster commercial 2009

Kia Soul - Hamsters - () (USA) Finishing the commercial with a bunch of different tracks reinforces the idea and importance of being.

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In spring , Kia released a commercial which featured life-sized hamsters involving both live-action costuming and CGI. The commercial shows the hamsters running in hamster wheels where cars usually traverse in a garage, on the road and highway ; then, on one street full of active hamster wheels, a red Kia Soul , piloted by similarly life-sized hamsters, pulls to the stop light, surprising the hamster in the wheel nearest to the light to the right of the vehicle. The Kia commercial, known as "Bringing Down the House", opens with an establishing shot of an eighteenth-century opera house. Various couples, in fine coats and dresses, and elaborate coiffures or wigs, climb the front steps. Indoors, a rotund, waxy-faced conductor walks to the centre of the stage, bows to the audience, and begins to direct the orchestra.

Find popular songs from Kia Soul hamsters commercials! Click here to find more information and details about the new Kia Soul. Kia launches "Share Some Soul", its third TV commercial featuring the same three music-loving hamsters! The world as you know it is being pummeled by high-tech alien robots. Their ultra-powered guns are too much for our lightly armored soldiers.

Skinny Elvis or Fat Elvis? One that gained a new entrant in when the famous Kia Soul hamsters appeared skinnier than ever during an ad for the Kia Soul. In the years since, while many of us have worried about highway miles per gallon or towing capacity, the chosen few have wondered what is better for Kia Soul sales: The chunky, clunky hamsters of old, or will skinny hamsters be hawking the Kia Soul? Opinions have been mixed among advertising rodent-followers: Some prefer that the hamsters look leaner and healthier since it promotes a healthier lifestyle, while some like the positive body image the larger versions presented. The jiggling belly flap is cute, and they just stand out more. We currently have several Kia Souls available on our lot, so check one out today and prep yourself for a Soul infusion. Petersburg, and less than 25 miles from Spring Hill.

Kia Soul - Hamsters - (2009) :60 (USA)

The Korean automaker has cause to celebrate. The world needs more Soul.

VIDEO: Kia Soul reinterprets the Hampster Dance

Ok, you know the cute commercial where the hamsters are in their little wheels and then a Kia Soul rolls up and the hamsters inside are listening to music? This is the one I could find. I went to itunes and can't even find this song. I did a search and there are 5 songs listed for this but none of them are the one I want. I don't like the song in this video. The one I like is a bit more upbeat.

A really simple, but also slightly absurd visual brings home the point - the KIA is not your usual drudgery in the hamsterwheel of commuting. You might still be a hamster, but now you drive a cool car and listen to hip-hop. There will be about five variations of the same spot in rotation, each with a different piece of music. So we took the opportunity to try something equally innovative with the music. Finishing the commercial with a bunch of different tracks reinforces the idea and importance of being unique. Mixer: Tony Rapaccioli. Think the words were; "dos-e-do" or "I can" repeated 4 times.

Kia Soul Commercial Songs & hamsters

Dancing hamsters can sell cheap cars. That's what Kia Motors America has discovered with its popular "This or That" commercial, which features urban hamsters in hooded sweatshirts rapping about the Kia Soul. The ad, which owned space during the NBA finals, has also gone viral since it launched in late May. There's just something about blinged-out rodents dancing down "Hamsterdam Avenue" that makes you smile see for yourself here. But does it make you want to buy a Kia Soul? The car company is finding out that yes, the ads resonate with its target audience. Kia dealers have experienced a surge in sales of the model, and the company's growth overall is strong while many of its competitors continue to struggle.




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