Judge mathis wendy williams interview

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ThrowBack: Judge Mathis Destroys Wendy Williams

judge mathis wendy williams interview

Whitney Houston Puts Wendy willams In Her Place!

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Wendy Williams is known for telling it like it is and often leaving people speechless with her comments. However, she met her match when she had Judge Greg Mathis on her show and he read her for filth…leaving her uncharacteristically speechless. Embed from Getty Images. Normally cool and not one without words, Wendy Williams messed with the wrong one the day that she had Judge Greg Mathis on her show. He was there to promote his book, but Wendy had other intentions. Instead of asking the judge about things in his book, Wendy began to ask him about his alleged affair. As soon as Wendy tried to bring it up, the judge stopped her in her tracks and checked the HELL outta Wendy, by accusing her of getting high before the interview and much more.

And she just keeps going and going and going. Just ask Whitney. Later, as scandals and the like became the norm, reporters began going into interviews hoping to get an exclusive nugget or two, but most of the realness came from so-called "friends" and associates of the interview subject. These days, though the formula remains the same, the hunger of the masses for tabloid style, sensationalistic reporting has given birth to a class of gossiper commonly known as the shock jock. Though she has been known to ruffle feathers during her sessions, and with her scintillating and cutting gossip, she has managed to have topnotch celebrities visit and revisit her show regularly. A subject of particular interest to Williams in the past has been superstar entertainer Whitney Houston. She has spoken about the Arista Recording artists trials and tribulations many times in the past and, it appears, Ms.

I really enjoy writing about whatever I want, so I'm gonna write about whatever I want. Hahahaha that anonymous poster is so angry about dissing toonami. Really enjoyed this article. Very informative with clips to back it up. Write For Us Music Submissions. Wendy Williams has made a career on other people's drama.

In that year, she received the shock of her life when she caught up with Judge Mathis to grill him on scandals he was allegedly involved in. Hands down the best radio grind up ever!!! Your email address will not be published. Let us know what you have to say:. Notify me of new posts by email. I remember when this interview happened.



Judge Mathis DESTROYS Wendy Williams After She Gets Disrespectful During Interview


Retro Rewind: Wendy Williams Clashes With Judge Mathis





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