Just don t feel good

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If You're Not Feeling Like Yourself, Here's What You Need to Know

just don t feel good

I Don't Feel Good

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Another meditation on depression. My body feels heavy, hurt, hungry. The sun is out, but the world seems painfully remote, the heat uncomfortable, the light too bright. I walk around aimlessly, clinging to the phone in my hand, refreshing my Facebook feed like a lifeline, repeatedly opening and closing it without noticing, reflexively hunting for something, anything, to keep my feelings at bay. I scroll back and forth through apps, wandering in a digital landscape of random notifications. Waking up is misery, falling asleep is worse.

In , Elizabeth Banks made an over-the-top video to shock women into heeding the particular signs of the female heart attack. Now, alarming new research says dangerous episodes with hardly any symptoms are more common than even Hollywood could have imagined. Ladies, meet the truly silent heart attack. Travis Stork is a pretty cool customer. It's what you'd expect from someone who's seen every kind of medical disaster come through the ER where he's an emergency medicine physicianand witnessed every manner of overdramatized medical disaster portrayal coming out of Hollywood, where he's cohost of the daily TV talk show The Doctors. As a result, he's both passionate about informing women about worst-case scenarios and also totally put off by the fearmongering it can often lead to.

In the midst of a cold, gray winter, with daylight ending before 5 o'clock, its no wonder that many of us feel tired and have little energy. However, if you find yourself thinking, I just don't feel like myself, then it's time for you to take action. But before you do, see if any of the symptoms below, fit with how you are feeling. If you feel that your symptoms are consistent with one of the disorders described above, see your doctor right away and discuss the possibility with him or her. If your symptoms are not consistent with those diseases, try simple measures like allotting a full eight hours of sleep each night, changing a diet laden with sugar and carbohydrates to more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water avoid soda and caffeinated beverages and begin exercising by walking for 20 minutes three times per week easy to accomplish by getting off the bus a few blocks early or parking further from your place of work. If after a few weeks you are not feeling better, then it is time for you to consult with your doctor.

I stare at nothing, zoning out and forgetting about my surroundings. I bite the inside of my mouth without realizing. I hold my stomach in pain out of habit. I only get out of my trance when the people closest to me ask if I am OK. I stare into space trying to forget about the anxious thoughts in my head. I may be worrying about a homework assignment or I could be worrying about something that happened five years ago.

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