My favorite popsicle flavor is

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my favorite popsicle flavor is

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Slashdot is powered by your submissions , so send in your scoop. Re:Missing Option Score: 3 , Interesting by forevermore writes: Really deep red food coloring, doesn't look quite right for a tasty dessert snack. And blue does? What about Blue String Pudding [clangers. Unlike orange, which is of course an element [demon.

Popsicles are everyones favorite summer treat. As simple as pouring orange juice in an ice container, or as complicated as a popsicle wrapped in ice-cream and a gum ball at the bottom. The original 3 flavors, grape, cherry, and orange, are in almost every box. Which flavor are you? Are you a strong grape, or a prissy cherry? Until now you'd never know. But because of this great quiz, you can find out in minuets!

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We have a wonderful, tasty giveaway this week!! That is a whole lot of refreshing goodness and a great way to beat the summer heat!! You may choose one way to enter, or all:. Pages: 1 2. My favorite Popsicle flavor is orange. I liked popsicle and Beyond the Ordinary Life on facebook. I liked Beyond the Ordinary Life on twitter and twitted.

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My Favorite Flavor of Popsicle

My favourite flavour of popsicle is DICK (FULL)


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