Do i need braces quiz

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Think You’re Cut Out for Braces? Take This Braces Quiz

do i need braces quiz

Dec 17, Do you need braces. Well here's your chance to find out! This quiz will give you pretty accurate results on whether or not you should be getting.

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When our Abbotsford and Surrey Invisalign and braces patients come in for their first consultation, we take x-rays and photos and Dr. Sharma thoroughly examines them. This gives him all of the information he needs to make an expert diagnosis. Book a Free Consultation Today! Make an appointment with an orthodontist to find out if you could use a little smile-perfecting help.

Perhaps you feel your teeth are not perfectly straight, or you think your bite could be adjusted. The ideal age for a child to be seen by an orthodontist is age seven. However, there are many orthodontic treatment options available to adults. It is becoming increasingly common for adults to wear braces and other orthodontic devices. We recommend that people who are interested in braces and other orthodontic treatment options set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Justin Maccaro and Dr.

Even if your teeth are pretty straight, you might still be interested in braces to help to make them perfectly straight. Not sure if braces are the right option for you? If you are less than ten years old, your orthodontist will probably want to wait until you and your jaw are a little bit older and you can get a better idea of what your adult teeth are going to look like in your adult jaw. If you are older than eighteen, you are certainly not too old for braces. In fact, adults are the fastest growing demographic of braces wearers, especially those that have disposable income and want to straighten their teeth.

How to Determine if You Need Braces

With such an exciting process, it can be difficult to know where to begin with braces. Use the questions below to guide you in finding which kind of braces are right for you. Metal braces involve using brackets and wires made of stainless steel to be applied to the enamel of your teeth.

Take this quiz! R your Has your dentist said anything about u needing braces? Do u She/He said i would probably not need them but she/he wasn't sure. 6.
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  1. This quiz will give you pretty accurate results on whether or not you should be getting Do you have an overbite? Yes and the orthodontist says I need braces.

  2. Feb 1, Do you think that you may need braces and are not really sure? Take up the test below designed to tell you if you do need braces. All the best!.

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