Screen door to keep cats out of bedroom

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Cat-proof retractable screen door – Is it possible?

screen door to keep cats out of bedroom

Screen door to keep cats out

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Last night, I had to sleep on the couch because our bedroom was too warm, and stifling - like a coffin. This is because there is no air return in the bedrooms, and the windows of this room are under a porch and blocked by an evergreen - ZERO airflow with the door shut, windows open or not. This morning, I opened the door to leave it open I will NOT be run out of my own room, in my own house. Of course, this sparked-off a tiff with the wife, even though she is the one responsible for bringing all 4 cats into the house in the first place. You need a window fan for airflow because there is no way to keep your cats out. You need to get them to associate 'bedroom' with 'bad'.

Our house is also a berm-construction house, which means that the back rooms have really high humidity if the doors stay closed. These factors all combined means that we needed to keep doors open to keep our rooms warm, but it wasn't exactly safe to do at all times. For cats especially, but for a lot of pets and kids, baby gates aren't exactly effective. After asking "gah, why can't there be something like a screen door, but for the inside? In fact, they're practically the perfect solution, with a few small considerations.

If you have a cat in your home, you are a lucky person. If you have a cat and a screen door in your home, you may not think so. Is a cat-proof retractable screen door even possible? Then, the chase begins. Also, the screen material on a hinged screen door is rigid. Then the bugs come in, and you must replace the whole door. If you have a coiling-type of retractable screen door that uses springs and magnets, then your cat can still win the challenge.

There can be various reasons for keeping cats out of rooms. Perhaps you have a baby, or a family member has allergies, or you are worried about the cat destroying a piece of furniture. Maybe you just want a part of the house to be cat-free. Whatever the reason, with a little ingenuity and determination, there are a variety of ways to keep your cat out of certain rooms in your home. If you need to keep a cat out of a certain room, shut the door immediately as soon as you go in or out of the room.

How Do You Creatively Keep Your Cats Out of Certain Places?

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