Change eye color in pictures

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7 Best Apps to Change Your Eye Color

change eye color in pictures

Eyes Change Colours - - Snapseed 2018 -- - PRINCE ASHISH

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Features Pricing Print. Log in Free Trial. Eye Color Changer Brighten, beautify, and spice it up with our retouching tool for eyes. Even remove red eye. Free trial.

Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Releases. Add to Wishlist. Eye Color Studio is the perfect app for you to try out hundreds of eye colors and effects on your own photo. You can have green eyes or blue eyes! You can even have one of each!

Similar to apps that can change your hair color , these 7 apps will help you try out hundreds of eye colors and effects. For home use, they have a suite of apps to explore new looks. ModiFace Live lets you try new eye color and a few other effects through live video on your iPhone or iPad. ModiFace also has an app for photo editing, Eye Color Studio, which is tailored specifically to try new eye colors and effects on a photo of your choice. While it's not augmented reality, it does provide more options. NiceEyes Live provides an option for Android users looking augmented reality eye color changes. NiceEyes features a large array of options, sorted by color or effect, that you can use on live video.

You want to make eyes look more beautiful? Well, this application can help you, it adds a variety of magical pupil effect photos can change your eye color. By using face recognition technology, which can automatically identify the location of the eyes, it is easy to! So many cool different eye colours to select, i love it. And you can also edit your pictures by adding text, cropping, removing blemishes and even teeth whitening! You can easily size your pupils and see a vary of different colors.

Need an eye color changer?

Try it now. The in-app tool lets you pick from a variety of beautiful eye color shades; easily swap between blue and green to see what looks best on you.


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