Playstation 4 pro 500 million limited edition release date

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Hands-on with the deluxe PS4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition

playstation 4 pro 500 million limited edition release date

Know Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro Console, for Playstation console from the official PlayStation website. Explore Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro.

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To commemorate selling over million PlayStations, Sony's selling serialized translucent PS4 Pro consoles and accessories. Help Sony celebrate selling over million PlayStation consoles by buying another one! The console will be on sale from Aug. The units will be serialized with a copper plaque on it, though it's hard to think of 50, units as a "limited" run. However, only a select few an unknown number will have special serial numbers commemorating special dates in PlayStation history. Examples include Sept. They're both available in "very, very limited quantities," though.

Having received a unit on loan for a short time last week, it's a seriously desirable piece of hardware. Its arrival was also a great excuse for us to revisit the PlayStation 4 Pro in a little more detail, two years on from launch. Sony has a habit of releasing new hardware revisions and with this revised CUH series release, the Million Limited Edition Pro contains a number of modifications compared to the launch unit - changes that should be reflected across all examples of the hardware on the shelves right now. A detailed breakdown has been researched here , which suggests that the CUH runs hotter, but with less noise than the original. It sounds rather like the base PS4's C-Chassis revision back in the day, something I was keen to check out. But returning to the Million Limited Edition console itself, it's something of a treat. It's not just the console itself that's translucent, but the packaging too, with a matte plastic finish that hints at the internal content, teased with an indistinct bronze PlayStation logo.

Well, it'll be available to buy in the US tomorrow, but stock won't last for long. Stock across the world is limited to just 50, units, so if you fancy owning one of these you're going to have to act pretty sharpish. For now you can't buy the console from any of these links, but get them bookmarked so you can quickly get one ordered when sales are live. Remember, you can't place an order for the Million PS4 Pro yet and the Amazon page isn't even live. The orders for the consoles and the accessories listed below will go live on August To my eyes, this is a pretty sweet looking console and one of the prettier limited edition machines released to date. The Million console also comes with a 2TB hard drive.

Unsurprisingly, most of them were gone within minutes of going on sale on August 24, leaving a trail of frustrated gamers to lament their expensive loss, cursing the unjust gaming gods and purposely low supply. In a sudden development, some hope arrived via GameStop earlier today , but only if you were lightning quick. They pack in a bunch of junk that they know people will buy just to get their hands on said items, and it always feels a little
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Sony revealed that it has sold over million PlayStation systems worldwide since the console first launched 24 years ago, and that it's doing something special to commemorate it. When it launched the original PlayStation in in the US , Sony may not have imagined that it would sell over half a billion in under a quarter century. Launched in in the US, the PlayStation 4 alone has sold It's easy to forget, though, that Sony was struggling prior to its release, and the console has been a key part of Sony's successful turnaround initiated by former CEO, Kaz Hirai. Other nice cosmetic touches include a matching translucent box, blue velvet bag and etched copper plate with the serial number of the console.

The Sony PlayStation is an all-time best selling console and has recently touched the million units mark for all versions released till date. To commemorate this milestone, Sony had announced earlier this month that it will be making a limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro console that features a translucent deep-blue chassis with a 2 TB hard drive, a matching translucent DualShock 4 Wireless Controller, a vertical stand, a mono headset, and a PS Camera. Dubbed the Million Limited Edition, only 50, of these consoles will ever be made and they are ready to be ordered tonight. GameStop has announced that it will be making a ' very little allotment ' of the Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Pro bundle available for online ordering starting Thursday night at A number will be engraved in copper on the front beneath the USB ports indicating the position of your console in the limited edition lineup. Other retailers such as Target and Best Buy have also put up listings for the Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro bundle but it is not known as of this writing when they will be made available and exactly how many units they have in stock. Given the beautiful looks of the Million Limited Edition consoles, they are bound to disappear as soon as the ordering page goes live.

500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro is Available Now in US

Is Sony's 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro Finally Sold Out?

PS4 Pro Million Limited Edition 2TB console has its release date today, with stock getting snapped up fast as gamers rush to buy the snazzy unit. Pre-orders for the PS4 Pro Limited Edition console became available earlier this month with stock selling out within minutes. Right now stock for the PS4 Pro is going like hot cakes whenever it is becoming available to buy. Firstly, stay tuned to Twitter as retailers have been updating fans whenever they have got PS4 Pro stock in-store. This page on their website is being updated whenever PS4 Pro stock becomes available to buy. Visit this page and then choose your region on the left hand side and keep a close eye to see when stock becomes available to buy.





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