Santa maria tri tip rub

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Grilled or Oven-Roasted Santa Maria Tri-Tip

santa maria tri tip rub

It's also called a “Santa Maria steak” because Santa Maria, California is where it first became popular. Typically Tri Tip is rubbed first with a mixture of salt, black.

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This Grilled Santa Maria Tri-Tip is a delicious taste of the Central California Coast where it is enjoyed with pinquito beans, salad, tomato salsa, and buttery garlic bread. Americans love their BBQ! But each state does it a little differently, often because of the influence of available ingredients or the backgrounds of the people living there. At least not where tri-tip is concerned. When you say barbecue in many parts of California, you are talking tri-tip, not brisket, ribs, or pork butt. To me, Santa Maria tri-tip barbecue is all about gathering family and friends together and eating al fresco, something that we do a lot of here in California. Our church does a big event every summer in late July and the tri-tip is always the main part of the event.

Grilled Santa Maria Tri-Tip

Santa Maria BBQ: Why Garlic Rubs & Red Oak Make Great Flavor - Zagat Documentaries, Ep. 43

Santa Maria style tri-tip recipe perfect for grilling during barbecue season! A smoky, sweet and spicy rub adds instant flavor to this tender cut of beef. Santa Maria style tri-tip takes a tender, and mild cut of beef then coats the roast with a blast of spices on the surface for.
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Santa Maria Tri-Tip? For reals. This is why the Santa Maria Tri-tip is famous. Crispy salt, savory tender meat and a burst of flavor in your mouth. No worries! Take your seasonings and mix them all together. Other seasonings just dont compare.


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