Weather along my driving route

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How to Plan for the Weather During Your Road Trip

weather along my driving route

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I can watch the weather forecast over and over and not get tired of it. So you can understand why I was excited to learn about a new weather app for iOS and Android called Drive Weather , which shows you the weather along an entire drive. The seven-day forecaster shows inclement weather conditions that could make driving unsafe along different routes to your destination and allows you to adjust your route and time of departure accordingly. Above all, Drive Weather hopes to get you and your loved ones from point A to point B more safely. You just plug in your starting and ending points and select your route. Once you choose your route, the weather along it is displayed using data from the National Weather Service. The app displays icons depicting cloud cover, precipitation, fog, hail, smoke, haze, snow, thunderstorms, temperature, and wind.

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Hurricane Dorian remains an extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane, and will continue westward through the Northwestern Bahamas this weekend. Dorian is then forecast to turn northward as it closely approaches the east coast of Florida early next week. Dorian will bring risks of life-threatening storm surge, devastating hurricane-force winds, heavy rainfall and flooding along its path. Type www. Find the Travel Forecast link by looking under the Local Information dropdown menu, or by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on Travel Forecast under the Weather Forecasts section. Now that you are at the travel forecast page, you can see how the forecast is changing through time. Simply click on the 6 hour time blocks at the bottom of the page to see weather conditions for that time period.

My Recent Countries . You and your family are packed into your car, heading out of town for a much-needed vacation to kick off the summer. But how many people think to track the weather along their road trip? directions, you can also pick the time you are leaving to see hourly weather forecasts along your route.
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Check the current weather throughout your entire road trip and compare city forecasts side-by-side. See if there's snow in that high mountain pass, or flash flooding across that lonely desert, all at the same time. View highway camera images for your trip from nearby highway cameras in select areas of the United States. Look for the camera icon when viewing the map. Not sure what time to leave?

The National Weather Service has developed a powerful tool that allows users to create custom weather maps that show everything from temperatures to snow totals. The tool's most excellent feature, by far, is the ability to track future weather along the path of one's road trip. The tool, called the Enhanced Data Display or EDD , is still in its experimental stages, so the application will occasionally go offline while meteorologists and technicians tinker with it. When it's online and in good working order, though, the application is perhaps the most powerful tool available on the agency's website. The EDD allows you to map out everything from radar and satellite imagery to forecasts, current weather observations, and even upper-air soundings taken from rawinsondes attached to weather balloons. Of all of the EDD's excellent features is a nifty tool hidden behind a traffic sign up on the top-right portion of the application, called the travel hazard forecast.

By Melissa Popp. Weather plays a huge role on a road trips; it can turn a perfect trip into a total nightmare. According to the U. Department of Transportation, weather events cause more than 1 million crashes, half a million injuries, and 6, deaths every year, so wind and rain should never be taken lightly. Luckily there are several ways to prepare for weather during your road trip, including a powerful app, necessary packing, smart planning, and more. No one likes veering off to a department store or getting off schedule to visit the mall for necessary clothing.

This App Shows You the Weather Along Your Entire Drive

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  1. Track the weather and extreme weather situations along your route to make every trip a safe journey, whether it's sunny, rainy, or snowing.

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