Melania trump sister ines knavs

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Who is Melania Trump’s sister? Inside the First Lady’s close bond with secret sibling

melania trump sister ines knavs

Melania Trump may have been receiving style suggestions from her sister, Ines Knauss, this whole time.

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They've since become familiar faces in the nation's capital—and can often be seen traveling alongside President Trump and the First Lady. Here's what you should know about the couple that raised Melania Trump. The Knavses took an oath of citizenship in August after appearing at the federal immigration offices in New York City. Prior to that time, Melania's parents had been permanent U. Barron is very close to grandparents, with whom he reportedly speaks Slovenian, and Politico described them as "hyperinvolved" in his life.

By Andrea Jefferson April 29, To many Americans, she seems like the loneliest person on the planet right now, but she does have one person she can always count on—her sister, Ines Knauss. Knauss is a few years older than Melania and lived right next door to the Trumps on Park Avenue. But for a member of the Trump family, the first lady chooses to be a lot more private online than, say, Donald Trump himself or his children. Despite her relative secrecy, Melania Trump still mentioned her sister in her speech at the Republican National Convention in In fact, the same half dozen or so facts about her are written into almost relevant every article. They moved to Milan, Italy together in the early s, the high society magazine reported, where Ines wanted to break into fashion design while Melania was beginning to model — the career path that would lead her to meet her future husband.

Melania Trump Has a Secret Sister You Never Hear About

Melania Trump's sister shows rare behind-the-scenes look on social media

Melania Trump has always kept to herself, but believe it or not, she has a very close relationship with her sister, Ines Knauss born Ines Knavs. Both women always had a love for fashion growing up. Trump was focused on modeling, and Knauss wanted to be on the design side of fashion. They were raised in Slovenia, but in the early s, the two moved to Milan together to pursue their respective careers in the fashion world. The Trump wedding was certainly one to remember.

CNN Melania Trump is beginning to forge her own path as America's first lady, assembling a team of aides and advisers. But the name of one longtime confidante, and perhaps her most trusted friend, won't be announced with a news release or statement or a new title: her sister, Ines Knauss. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Story highlights Melania Trump is forging her own path as first lady She has a longtime adviser and friend -- her sister, Ines. Knauss, Trump's older sister, lives just blocks from Trump Tower in the Trump Park Avenue property, public records confirm.

While Melania Trump has made it clear that she would prefer that Americans focus on what she does, not what she wears , her fashion sense is regularly a topic of conversation thanks to her many , many questionable sartorial decisions. So what's a first lady to do when designers refuse to dress her? Well, in typical Trump fashion, she is keeping any disputes about her wardrobe for the day in the family. Trump, who famously does not reside year-round in the White House like the first ladies before her, remains stowed away at Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan when she's not in Washington, D. It is there where she reportedly receives clothes that she has requested from the various stylists who are not afraid of being associated with the Trump name. Knauss apparently lives in the neighborhood at another Trump building, of course , making it easy for her to serve as style counsel for her younger sister on a regular basis. While Knauss mostly stays out of the spotlight, she does have an eye for fashion, which she reportedly studied in the past.

Melania Trump has a close friend in NYC – her trusted sister

First Lady Melania Trump isn't moving to the White House until the end of the school year at the earliest , and there may be someone besides her son Barron who's keeping her in New York City. Ines Knauss, pictured above left, is the first lady's under-the-radar older sister. The year-old lives in a Trump-owned apartment in the same Upper East Side building that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump called home before they moved into their new house in Washington. It's just four blocks from Trump Tower, where the first lady and Barron live in a triplex penthouse. Ines, she says, struck her "as a lovely person, and extremely creative. But Ines also posts flashback photographs of her famous sister, like these two from the early s:.

While we only know a little bit about First Lady Melania Trump , we know even less about her family. But recently, the New York Post and a few other outlets have discovered Trump has a sister named Ines Knauss above, left , who is actually one of the people closest to her. In fact, according to People , Knauss was her sister's maid-of-honor at her wedding to Donald Trump. The paper found that Trump's sister is an artist, and her Facebook page is filled with her work, including sketches and paintings. Per the Daily Express , Trump tweeted about her sister's art back in , showing a pencil drawing.

Getty Melania Trump's family includes her parents and sister. A general view of Sevnica train station on November 29, in Sevnica, Slovenia. Born in Slovenia, Melania Trump was raised in the town of Sevnica, by her father, a car salesman, and her mother, a pattern maker at a textile factory. They acquired the house through the housing plan of the now liquidated Jutranca textile company where they worked. After Melania was born they moved to a nearby building with an extra room.

By Isabel Vincent. February 19, am Updated February 20, am. And, as the president spends most of his time in Washington and Melania finds herself alone and thrust into an unfamiliar public role, she may be increasingly relying on her beloved sister, who lives only two blocks away. Knauss seems to live under the radar, and only her Facebook page offers clues to her personality, and glimpses — such as the photo of her in a white, strapless gown — of her private life. Her posts are filled with whimsical sketches, and the page is a virtual shrine to the accomplishments of her younger sister. One photo depicts Melania as a toddler, posed in front of a birthday cake with a single candle.

The pair first met in and have been together ever since. They also have a son together, Barron Trump, As a child, Melania and other children of workers at the factory participated in fashion shows that featured children's clothing. Ines Knauss is an artist and is very private about her personal life, although she has shared a number of adorable photos on her Instagram account of her and Melania as children. According to friends, when the two sisters were young, they sketched clothing designs for their mother to make. Ms Knauss continued with the passion and became an artist after trying to get into fashion design.

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