Is there a link between violent video games and violence

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Video game controversies

is there a link between violent video games and violence

Video Games Cause Aggression?

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CNN As mass shootings roil the nation, President Trump and top Republicans are citing video games as one explanation for the bloodshed. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Trump: Mental illness and hatred pull the trigger, not the gun But experts say there is little evidence to link violent games to real-world violence. The players of games and violent games have only become more diverse.

Intuitively, it makes sense Splatterhouse and Postal 2 would serve as virtual training sessions for teens, encouraging them to act out in ways that mimic game-related violence. A new study published on October 1 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences tries to resolve the controversy by weighing the findings of two dozen studies on the topic. The meta-analysis does tie violent video games to a small increase in physical aggression among adolescents and preteens. Yet debate is by no means over. Whereas the analysis was undertaken to help settle the science on the issue, researchers still disagree on the real-world significance of the findings. This new analysis attempted to navigate through the minefield of conflicting research. Many studies find gaming associated with increases in aggression, but others identify no such link.

I have long been skeptical of the direct causation link some professionals pronounce exists between increased violence and playing violent video games or video games with violence in them. Olson for anyone who wants to understand this link more in-depth. It is uncommon for girls to be frequent, heavy players of video games, especially violent games. One third of girls in our survey played electronic games for less than an hour per week on average. Since game play is often a social activity for boys, nonparticipation could be a marker of social difficulties. These boys were also more likely than others to report problems such as getting into fights or trouble with teachers. In our survey of young adolescents, we found significant correlations between routine play of M-rated games and greater self-reported involvement in physical fights, with a stronger association for girls.

See comments. But the idea that there is a link between violent video games and violent acts reappeared following the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, last weekend. Benjamin Burroughs is a professor of media at the University of Las Vegas. Burroughs said that some studies show a short-term increase in aggressive thoughts and feelings after playing video games, but nothing that rises to the level of violence. In , a small study by researchers at Indiana University found that teenagers who played violent video games showed higher levels of emotional arousal strong emotions like anger or fear. The teenagers also showed less activity in the parts of the brain associated with the ability to plan, control and direct thoughts and behavior. Patrick Markey, the psychology professor, found in his research that men who commit severe acts of violence actually play violent video games less than the average male.

The Link Between Video Games and Violence


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