Islamic center of orange county

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Islamic Educational Center of Orange County

islamic center of orange county

Human Rights in the Qur’an

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It provides religious and educational services to Shi'a Muslims in the area. After two-short years, the IECOC community quickly outgrew its facility and the community was able to raise funds to purchase a new building in Costa Mesa, California. As declared in its mission statement, IECOC sees itself as a community striving to strengthen the faith of believers through the Holy Qur'an as defined and taught by the Holy Prophet s and his family Ahl al-Bayt. This organization tries to encourage all people to pursue a lifelong of righteousness, peace , and belief in One God. Its aim is to serve the community and to teach the words of wisdom and truth through the Holy Quran.

Garden Grove , United States. ISOC was founded in and is today the largest Muslim community center in Southern California and one of the largest in the country. Construction on the current site began in , replacing an earlier one-story facility on 13th Street that the ISOC had operated in since The new, multistory stucco-faced building was constructed by architect Syed Raza. It is built in a traditional Islamic style, with a dome, two minarets, a courtyard, and Arabian, Persian, and Indian-inspired arches. The first phase of construction included a 17,square foot main prayer hall and mortuary. As the first purpose-built mosque in Orange County, prayer spaces could be oriented towards Mecca.

Muzammil Siddiqi, the leading imam in Orange County, speaks during a luncheon about the similarities of Islam to other major religions. They were walking toward me knowing I was out of place. It was, after all, their mosque, their prayer hall, and yet here I was in black skinny jeans and a bright blue shirt — tucked out. As they approached, now quite close, I felt my chest tighten and adrenaline skyrocket. For better or worse, I had a fight or flight urge that I could not deny.

Islamic Society of Orange County - ISOC, Garden Grove. K likes. The Islamic Society of Orange County (ISOC) was established in ISOC is the.
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Carter is the department's community services commander. Complaints involving hate incidents against Muslims in California grew by 58 percent in compared to the year prior, with Orange County tallying the most complaints in the state, according to a report released Monday by the Council of American-Islamic Relations. The highest number, , were reported in Orange County, a 68 percent increase from the incidents reported in The terrorist attacks, especially the Nov. CAIR, in its report, divided the complaints into four categories: discrimination, harassment or lack of accommodation at the workplace; law enforcement profiling; hate incidents including assaults, hate mail and vandalism; and issues relating to immigrants, from citizenship to asylum. The report cites several examples of Islamophobic incidents after the San Bernardino attack, including on Dec. Mosque members were inside for Friday prayers at the time.

Verses from the Quran. Weekly Verse. Islam recognizes that humankind has free choice in whether to obey or disobey God, but ultimately we will be held accountable to God in the next life for the choices that we make in this life. God sent Prophets to teach mankind how to worship Him; starting with Adam, including Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and the last of the messengers, Muhammad peace be upon them all. The Islamic position is that all of these prophets came with the same message, that there is no deity worthy of worship except the One True God, known in Arabic as Allah.

A May issue states that "all those who do not belong to ahl al-kitab [Peoples of the Book- Jews, Christians, Sabians] are classified as idol-worshippers or atheists. According to Muslim law, these are not entitled to the dhimmis' [enemies of Islam that may obtain peace indefinitely by paying tribute to the Muslim state] benefits and must be either killed or enslaved. However, it also offers several other options to end jihad including:. Then, whatever warriors are captured may- at the discretion of the leader of the Islamic community — be killed, enslaved, ransomed, exchanged for Muslim prisoners, or set free. The fate of their wives and children is to become slaves and is never to be killed, for the killing of women and children was abhorrent to the Prophet, and an enslavement was probably 'an adequate medium of proselytizing non-Muslims. MWL was set up in by the royal Saudi family.

Islamic Center of Orange County


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  1. The Islamic Society of. Orange County (ISOC) was established in ISOC is the largest muslim community center in Southern California, serving more than.

  2. The Islamic Society of Orange County, incorporated on January 5, , is one of the largest Muslim centers in the Western Hemisphere, with almost 7,

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